Art Fund

The Art Fund (formerly the National Art Collections Fund) is an independent membership-based British charity, was founded in 1903 in order to help museums and galleries acquire works of art. Since its foundation in 1903 the Fund has been involved in the acquisition of over 860,000 works of art of every kind, including many of the most famous objects in British public collections, such as Velázquez’s Rokeby Venus in the National Gallery, Picasso’s Weeping Woman in the Tate collection. It gives grants and acts as a channel for many gifts and bequests, as well as lobbying on behalf of museums and galleries and their users. The Fund relies on members’ subscriptions and public donations for funds and does not receive funding from the government or the National Lottery.

In the last five years the Art Fund has spent £24 million on helping over 700 museums and galleries to buy great art –historic and contemporary.

“藝術基金會(Art Fund)”是英國一個會員制的獨立慈善機構,它成立於19 03 年,當時的名字是“國家藝術收藏基金(the National Art Collections Fund)”,成立的目的是為了幫助博物館和美術館籌集資金來購買藝術品。自從19 03 年成立以來,藝術基金會協助了超過8 6萬件藝術作品的收購行動,這些形形色色的藝術品中包括了許多著名的英國公共藏品,比如國家畫廊(National Gallery)裡的委拉斯貴支( Ve l á z q u e z )的《洛克貝·維納斯(Rokeby Venus)》和泰特美術館(Tate)收藏的畢加索(Picasso)《哭泣的女人(Weeping Woman)》。現在的藝術基金會不僅為美術館和博物館提供資金,同時也成為了捐贈作品或遺產的一大渠道,除此之外,它還代表美術館和博物館及其使用者進行相關的遊說行動。該基金會只依靠註冊會員費及社會捐助資金來運作,並不受政府或國家彩票資金的支持。



D.     D.The Toilet of Venus (‘The Rokeby Venus’), Artist- Diego Velázquez, Date made- 1647-51, Copyright © The National Gallery , London

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