Case Study: Goldsmiths

Text by: Peng Zuqiang
撰文: 彭祖強


It is not possible to say that there is such a thing as ‘the best art course’ as each artist has their individual artistic language and as such no single mode of art education can cater for all students – many of whom come from different backgrounds. Still, despite this, Goldsmiths, is renowned for providing one of the most challenging BA Fine Art courses in the world.

Goldsmiths was the first art college in the UK to introduce the radical ‘convenor’ education mode Convenor is a session where 6 to 8 students present their art-work in front of a group of 20 to 30 students made up of a mixture of different years and levels. There are 2 tutors present but neither tutor leads the discussion between the participants. At the time of its introduction, this unconventional pedagogic model was aimed to encourage interaction between artists practicing in different mediums, challenging the students to experiment across established mediums such as painting, sculpture and performance. The Goldsmiths convenor model is intrinsic to the nature of the BA Fine art course, as the course does not provide medium specific pathways. The convenor sessions then lead on to more conventional ‘group tutorials’ among smaller groups of students and their tutor.


在英國,金史密斯學院是第一所納入‘Convenor’討論會的藝術大學。 每場‘Convenor’討論會通常有六到八名學生,在一個二三十人組成小組面前展示並討論他們的作品,學生們往往來自不同年級。與此同時,還有兩位旁聽的老師在場。當這樣一個名為‘Convenor’討論會的教育模式最初被金史密斯學院使用時,其目標就是去激發學生們去跨媒介的實踐與創作。而金史密斯的‘Convenor’討論會,和學校本身無媒介方向區分的大專業設置算是一脈相承。而在‘Convenor’之後,學生們則會被劃分成更小的組,由此和老師一起開展小組討論。

The Goldsmiths BA Fine Art course is also renowned for its list of famous alumni which include Damien Hirst, Sarah Lucas, and Michael Landy. Just as the title YBAs (Young British Artists) has always been misunderstood, Goldsmiths has also been stereotypically referred to as an art college that exclusively educates artists who share the language of the YBAs. This ignorance fails to recognise the critical success of other graduates such as artist and theorist Liam Gillick, Turner Prize winner Antony Gormley, and potentially its first Oscar winner Steve McQueen. The stereotype also fails to represent Goldsmiths dynamic identity which has consistently continued to challenge and excite the contemporary art world during the last half-century.

金史密斯的本科純藝專業(BA Fine Art)有著一長串的知名校友,這其中就包括了: 達米恩·赫斯特(Damien Hirst),莎拉·盧卡斯(Sarah Lucas)和邁克·蘭迪(Michael Landy)。正如人們常常持偏見看待這幾位藝術家在當年所引領的英國青年藝術家運動(YBA-Young British Artists),金史密斯也經常被誤認是一所僅擅長培養此類風格藝術家的學校。這樣的一種偏見不足以代表金史密斯學院這幾十年來不斷演變的教育文化,和其對當代藝術界的沖擊與挑戰。同樣,這種偏見也忽略了同樣成功的另一批藝術家: 創作和寫作均見長的利亞姆·吉列克(Liam Gillick),透納獎得主著名雕塑家安東尼·葛姆雷(Antony Gormley),以及如今的奧斯卡獎最佳導演大熱門,史蒂夫·麥奎因(Steve McQueen)。

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