Case Study: Goldsmiths

The university is proud of its inter-disciplinary framework, and there are public lectures, seminars, screenings and other events that bridge the diverse range of studies at Goldsmiths. The interdisciplinary culture is also reflected in certain course structures. At Bachelor level, there are often joint courses offered, for instance, Sociology and Anthropology or History and Politics. At Master’s degree level, more innovative combinations are available like Art and Politics or Photography and Urban Cultures and these combined courses effectively represent the experimental educational model that Goldsmiths practices.


In the Fine Art department, this interdisciplinary spirit gave birth to a unique BA course titled: BA Fine Art and History of Art. Over a three year period of study, the students take half their modules from the Department of Visual Cultures, rather than taking the critical studies classes that the Art Department offers. The Visual Cultures department offers courses which explore and produce new art histories and theories. It doesn’t offer a systematic History of Art course, but instead introduces students to broader contexts of artistic, visual and spatial practice. For instance rarely in the classes are classic sculptures from Greek and Roman times discussed. Instead students graduate with knowledge in Urban Studies, Documentary, Continental Philosophy and many other fields which they have chosen from within the realm of Visual Cultures. Goldsmiths critical edge has also made it the go-to place for aspiring young curators and scholars in the field of contemporary art and visual cultures.

在藝術學院中,這樣一股貫穿於全校的跨界意識,衍生了本科純藝/藝術史雙專業(BA Fine Art and History of Art)的學科。在這個專業的三年學習過程中,學生們一半的學分來自於視覺文化系的藝術史和藝術理論課程,這也就取代了純藝專業中批判性研究的文本學習部分。金史密斯的視覺文化學院,開設研究與創作新藝術史和理論的課程。不同於大多數藝術史專業以線性歷史發展角度,提供傳統藝術史學的課程,學院注重於給學生傳授更為現代和當代的藝術,視覺與空間文化理論。視覺文化系的課堂中鮮有出現對傳統繪畫和雕塑的分析,取而代之的是學生們可以自主選擇的城市研究,紀錄片文化,或是歐陸哲學等等文化藝術理論的範疇。近幾年來,金史密斯視覺文化系的不斷發展,已經使其成為了當代藝術界中眾多年青策展人和學者深造的首選之一。

But what are the differences between these two BA Art courses? We try to find out by interviewing the joint Programme Leaders for the BA in Fine Art and History of Art, Dr. Ayesha Hameed and Marion Coutts.

但這樣一個純藝和藝術史對半開的專業設置,跟金史密斯長久以來盛名的純藝專業相比,有多少的不同呢?為了一探究竟,我們采訪了純藝/藝術史雙專業的兩位課程主任艾伊莎·哈米德博士(Dr Ayesha Hameed)和瑪麗昂·科斯(Marion Coutts)。

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