Collaborative Emotional Laboratory – Interview with Marcus Lyon
協同作業的情感實驗室 – 專訪攝影師馬可斯·里昂

ART.ZIP:  Like the Queen?

ART.ZIP: 比如說女王陛下?

ML: Sadly she didn’t come here – I was commissioned to visit her. As an artist, having a studio where people want to visit has been such a huge gift; it is like a magnet for people to the work – an active creative community. I suppose when you think of studios throughout history, say Andy Warhol’s Factory 59 – everyone was drawn there to share and meet. I think almost the most powerful thing that has come from the studio is the huge community of people who have worked here and met here and then gone on to work and collaborate together. Indeed, we have several friends who have met here and gone on to marry – so I think that is definitely the right way to describe it – as a community.

ML: 很遺憾,拍攝她的時候是我被邀請去了她的地方。作為一名藝術家,自己的工作室能夠成為吸引人們拜訪的地方,這是一種莫大的榮耀,它像磁鐵一樣吸引著人們來這裡欣賞作品,營造了一個積極的富有創造力的氛圍。當你回顧歷史上出現過的藝術家工作室,安迪·沃霍爾(Andy Warhol)的59號工廠工作室,就是這樣一個吸引人們聚會、討論和分享思想的地方。我覺得工作室空間最強大的一個特性就是它打造了一個巨大的社區和群體,讓人們能在這裡相聚並且一起合作完成工作。實際上我有好幾個朋友就是在這裡相遇並且最終成為了夫婦,所以我覺得用“社區”來形容工作室也是非常準確的。

ART.ZIP: Maybe a little bit like a temple – where people come with the same beliefs…

ART.ZIP: 是不是這裡也像一個廟宇或者聖殿一樣?來的人都抱有一樣的信念和夢想?

ML: Yes, perhaps. With a small ‘t’, because I don’t think there are any over-riding set religious beliefs, other than a focus on creation. I now have thirty ex-assistants who used to work alongside me are out there as artists today. In terms of The Glassworks ethos many of them now collaborate. There is a true Glassworks network out there continuing to populate and inspire other studios. This is the true legacy of having an inspirational creative space to communicate from…

ML: 是的,很有可能,不過這裡並不是宗教意義上的“寺廟”,因為除了創造力以外,我並不認為有能夠淩駕世間萬物的宗教信仰。在這裡,我曾經有過30位助理,這些人現在都已經成為了藝術家,他們依然延續著這裡工作室的傳統,而且“玻璃車間(The Glassworks)”工作室搭建起來的人際網絡還在不斷地充實、啟發和影響著其他工作室。這裡是一個真實的工作室傳奇,一個讓人獲得靈感的創意之地。



“Emotionally and environmentally these mass ideas, actions, movements of people, production processes are so huge that no single image can define their influence. So I have endeavoured to create new visual languages within which I can communicate a deeper truth.”

“ The proposition behind my work is that I believe my audience is more visually literate and the world is more complex than allows me to communicate what I wish to say in a single image…so I bring together multiple opinions in super complex montages to illustrate a deeper truth of our time”

“The studio is a sacred place of creative endeavor that must encourage a sense of wonder and a desire to seek out that place where higher level generative thinking and idea generation can flourish and be made real”

“ No art is made in isolation: in truth all work is made in some form of collaboration. For me it is at the heart of the process to look back and realize how many heads, hands and influences have come together to create a final piece.”

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