Disobedient Objects




The V&A will this summer present the first exhibition to explore objects of art and design from around the world that have been created by grassroots social movements as tools of social change. From Chilean folk art textiles that document political violence to a graffiti-writing robot, defaced currency to giant inflatable cobblestones thrown at demonstrations in Barcelona, to a political video game about the making of mobile phones, Disobedient Objects will demonstrate how political activism drives a wealth of design ingenuity. The exhibition will showcase forms of making that defy standard definitions of art and design. The objects that will be on display are mostly produced by non-professional makers, collectively and with limited resources as effective responses to complex situations.

The exhibition will focus on the late 1970s to the present; a time that has brought new technologies, social and political challenges. The objects are made in a number of ways including: the appropriation of everyday objects for a new subversive purpose, as seen with the Bike Bloc which was produced from discarded bicycles and audio equipment welded together during the 2009 Reclaim Power protests in Copenhagen; the employment of traditional crafts like hand-appliquéd protest banners; and hacking cutting-edge technology to create such protest tools as a counter-surveillance drone.

Many of the exhibits will be loaned directly from activist groups from all over the world, bringing together for the first time many objects rarely before seen in a museum. Context will be provided by newspaper cuttings, how-to guides and film content, including interviews and footage of the objects in action. Each design will be accompanied by the maker’s statement to explain how and why the object was created.

Martin Roth, Director of the V&A said: “This exhibition celebrates the creative ‘disobedience’ of designers and makers who question the rules. It shows that even with the most limited of resources, ordinary people can take design into their own hands. This is a brave and unusual exhibition; these are brave and unusual designers. We are proud to present their work.”




V&A博物館館長馬丁·羅斯(Martin Roth)表示:“展覽中展示了那些‘不守規矩’的設計師和製作者,他們對規則提出了挑戰。我們可以看到,即使在資源極其有限的情況下,普通人還是可以通過設計來武裝和表達自己。這是一個勇敢的、不同尋常的展覽;展出的也是勇敢的、不同尋常的設計師們的作品。能夠在這裡展示他們的作品,我感到無比自豪。”


Tips 小貼士

展覽場地:V&A MUSEUM 維多利亞及阿爾伯特博物館
展覽時間:26.7.2014 – 1.2.2015