Frieze Foundation
Frieze 基金會


A: Would you do a brief introduction about the relationship between the frieze magazine, Frieze Art Fair and the Frieze Foundation? How is the foundation established and what’s the aim of the foundation?

N: Frieze Foundation is a non-profit organisation that operates wholly independently from Frieze Art Fair and frieze magazine. It was established in 2003, at the same time as Frieze Art Fair and is responsible for the curated programme at Frieze Art Fair, comprising artist commissions, talks, films, music and education. The curatorial programme aims to showcase a range of established and emerging artists. Art Fair, magazine and Foundation are all linked through the discourse of contemporary art. As you are aware the Foundation’s activities are presented at the London Fair and are site-specific commissions. These include an interdisciplinary talks programme for 2013, which is curated by the editors of the magazine, Jennifer Higgie, and Joerg Heiser with Christie Lange.

A: 請您給中國的讀者簡略介紹一下《frieze》雜誌,Frieze藝術博覽會以及Frieze基金會之間的關係,關於Frieze基金會的設立目的和運營方式又是怎樣的呢?


Frieze藝博會、雜誌和基金會都是關注當代藝術,并通過當代藝術語境而相互關聯的。大家可以看到,基金會在倫敦藝博會上的項目以及展示一些特定的藝術委託,其中包括雜誌編輯詹妮弗·海吉( Jennifer Higgie ),克里斯蒂·蘭格( Christie Lange )和約爾格·海澤( Joerg  Heiser)為2013年藝博會策劃的跨界論壇項目。


A: How is the Foundation funded?

N: The Foundation has received funding from a number of sources including grant bodies such as the European Union’s Culture 2000 programme and Arts Council England. Specific areas also receive sponsorship, for example Cartier sponsored Frieze Projects from 2005–2010 and the EMDAS H Foundation have been our supporters since 2011.


N: 基金會的資金來源包括一些資助機構比如歐盟文化2000European Union’s Culture 2000)項目和英格蘭藝術委員會(Arts CouncilEngland)。除此之外,很多其他方面基金會也

收到很多企業的贊助,比如20052010年卡地亞贊助的Frieze展覽項目以及艾姆達施基金(EMDAS H Foundation)會從2011年開始的對基金會的支持。


G.E m d a s h A w a r d r e c i p i e n t C é c i l e B . E v a n s ’ p r o j e c t f o r t h e F r i e z e A r t F a i r 2 0 1 2 — T h i s I s Y o u r A u d i o G u i d e . P h o t o b y P o l l y B r a d e n     G.Strolling with the Zeitgeist- Five Decades. Frieze T alks 2012. Frieze London. Photograph by Polly Braden. Courtesy of Polly Braden:Fr ieze

The funding for Frieze Foundation comes from a varietyof sources including: …….. Frieze基金會的資金來源包括:
Private individuals  私人贈與
Foundations  基金會支持
Corporate sponsors  合作者贊助
Arts Council England  英格蘭藝術委員會
No funding comes from Frieze Art Fair  基金會不受Frieze藝博會的資助

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