A: How long have you been in London?

H: The very first time I came to London is in 2002, as an exchange student. I went to Middlesex University and stayed for half a year. And then I went back to Prague, and came to London again in 2004 just for two months. That’s when I firstly engaged with one gallery, which I sold my ten paintings to them. And after that I went to Paris for two years. So I came to London around 2007-08, for the first time to stay for long.

A: 你來倫敦多長時間了呢?



A: What makes you stay here?

H: I went to Paris by accident, it wasn’t my plan to be there. Because when I graduated in 2005 in Prague, at the Academy, I got an email from one friend who has a big studio in Paris, mentioning that he would be leaving Paris for half a year, and he gave me an offer that

I can use his studio when he was away. So I had the opportunity to leave Prague and also to discover a new city. At that time I was just planning to stay for a few months. When my friend came back from

India, he continued to use his own space. But before he returned, I got a new space, though much smaller studio, I got my own space and I could work. But at the same time, I was always thinking about London. I mean around 2006-07, I always knew that London was such an expensive place to set up a studio and live at the same time. So you know it’s quite tricky for me, but I always wanted to come here. Living in Paris is amazing, there’s great atmosphere, nice people, good life, and everything. But the problem is, there is no interesting art nowadays, it’s very past, it’s very closed, it’s very difficult to get in the society. It’s true. Because my French is very bad, I didn’t learn the language, anyway. I mean it doesn’t seem very open, but I think maybe staying another 20 or 30 years, they may start to realize that this guy wants to stay here. They will not give you a chance at the beginning. This is what I felt. At the beginning, my journey didn’t get any feedback, and the most important thing is, I felt that my kind of art is going to a different direction in the taste. Because they prefer more abstract paintings, they are quite stuck in the 60s, and I want to do hyper-realistic paintings, I want to do what I am doing now. And I feel that I really suit to this society here where I am in London, and America as well. So I like being in Paris, but it’s very different. The main reason I stay in London is contemporary art world is here, it’s more about your concept, not art form. I think if you go to Europe, to any other country, you will find out London is the most exciting, the biggest, international city, which is very important to me. And there are lots of mixing ideas at the same time. If you go to others like Berlin or Paris, they are a bit stuck by the society, I mean Paris was good a hundred years ago, but I think London now is very open, having so many artists, lots of ideas, and it would not end up in one day. It’s always changing, and the artists always follow that. I do feel that London has something more interesting, more vibrant. You might find out interesting ideas in Paris, people like to talk about art much more than here, but sometimes it’s just talking, not doing it. What I like about London is that you have to take action. If you want to do an exhibition, do some contacts, meetings, whatever, you have to do it. And that’s what I learn about London.





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