與Sprüth Magers畫廊總監 安德烈亞斯·蓋勒的對談

ART.ZIP: Just now you mentioned loyalty as the feature of the Gallery, would you talk more about it?

AG: As a commercial gallery, of course we have to generate money to keep the gallery going. However the way we trade and the way we operate are all based on loyalty, which I mentioned earlier. We work with artists for very long time, 20 or 30 years, even when they are not deemed as successful or their work is not of the current taste, we keep loyal to them. We don’t consider them as our cash cow, we believe their artistic value and endeavor. We want to support them, even though we have been through the period of many years that don’t sell works, we still give them exhibitions, to give them necessary platform. When in the boom years of arts market, say 2003 to 2008, many galleries started to sign up young artists who graduated from arts school. They were signed up by galleries and given exhibitions, but the galleries would chop them if their work did not make an immediate success. We never did that. For us, starting to work with an artist is a very serious commitment, it is a long term commitment. So we would sign up artists that we are very sure about what he/she needs from our programme, what he/she adds to our programme. We are very committed to working with them. Anybody works at the Gallery could make suggestions, but Monika and Philomene make the final decision. They would meet the artist, chat with him/her to see what the artist really wants, to check if he/she has similar belief with us, ultimately we are here to help the artist. Then the artist could focus on the work without thinking of survival. The Gallery would put artist first and set ourselves as a supporting structure.

ART.ZIP: 剛才你提到忠誠是你們畫廊的主要特色,能再詳細說說?

AG: 作為一個商業畫廊,當然我們必須賺錢來維持畫廊的運營。但是我們是基 於忠誠來進行交易而操作的,之前我也提及過。我們和藝術家合作的時間都很 長 ,2 0 年 ,3 0 年 都 很 常 見 。就 算 他 們 沒 有 成 名 或 他 們 的 作 品 不 是 當 今 的 品 味 , 我們都會忠於我們的藝術家。我們不會把他們看作是我們的搖錢樹,我們相 信他們的藝術價值和努力,我們會支持他們,就算多年都沒有賣出一張作品, 我們仍然會給最大的幫助,為他們舉辦展覽讓他們有必要的平台來展示作品。 2003年到2008年可以說是藝術市場蓬勃發展的時期,很多畫廊一下子簽下來 很多剛畢業的年輕藝術家,一旦發現他們沒有馬上獲得成功就會立刻跟他們 解約。我們從來不會這麼做,要開始與藝術家工作是一項重要的承諾,所以我們必須非常確定藝術家想要什麼,需要什麼,還有他/她能帶給 我們什麼新活力。我們會竭盡所能與他們工作給予合適的支持和 幫助。在畫廊工作的任何人都可以提議簽藝術家,但最後的決定 權還是在莫妮卡和菲洛米妮手上。她們會與藝術家見面,認真地 了解藝術家想要什麼,確定他/她與我們畫廊有相同的信念,然 後我們才會決定簽約和支持他們。然後藝術家就可以拋開生存的 壓力而專注於自己的藝術創作中去。我們畫廊是把藝術家放在第 一位,然後把自己作為一個支持結構而存在。



ART.ZIP: Do you foresee any future trends in art?

AG: We do have many photographic and video works at our gallery, but I don’t think I can single out an individual trend. I can’t see one dominating trend, every art form gets same attention and same importance.

ART.ZIP: 你覺得未來的藝術形式會走向哪個方向呢?

AG: 我們有相當一部分攝影和攝像作品,但是我不認為我們單獨 列出一個趨勢。沒有一種藝術形式是主流,對我們來說,任何藝術 形式都應獲得同樣的關注。

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