The foremost importance of contemporary art is concept. Among the concepts that are being experimented by various contemporary artists, some probably will become more and more prominent in the course of history, whilst some will likely be forgotten as guinea pigs. The artists having been remembered seem to be avant-garde, even not being accepted by the general public at the time. But it is exactly their bold and advanced concepts that make their works more and more valuable along with the time passing by.

For the present creation, Shoran has been through in-depth thinking, and at the same time she has come cross some changes. Her concepts are seen bold or advanced. She acknowledges that improvement of her works remains needed, and she has a long way ahead. Ten years of learning and experience on the way of pursuing arts has made Shoran become more modest and prudent. She does not expect her artworks would be accepted by the general public. Now she is concentrating on her own creativity, on accumulating experience, cultivating and improving her concepts and skills.

Shoran has the advantage of her learning and understanding of Chinese culture, and in the meantime, she receives the influence of Western arts. The works she creates while being in London lie in a high standard level, as they are the outcomes based on the world excellence of arts, and the combinations of the creativity out of Chinese and Western cultural thinking. Of Shoran’s works, Chinese and western art critics hold their own different interpretations, but enormous compliments are paid on the material, form, content and concept that are being applied. Chinese art critics commented, “While containing the Eastern and Western concepts, it is such a broad viewpoint and tender empowerment to stand from the point of female suicide for further experiments and studies”. And western critics expressed, “This form of artworks is marvellous. No one could ever foresee what kind of greater dimension and in-dept thinking this theme is going to lead Shoran to in the future. ”

Indeed, where will Shoran’s concept of theme in life, living, humanity, and pain bring her to in the course of her art creation in the future? When she becomes more and more mature in her pursuit of art, what kind of vast space will her thoughts and exploration of the theme lead her to? Let us be patient and look forward to it.







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