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vlatka horvak 15th extraordinary congress

vlatka horvak 15th extraordinary congress

LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) celebrates its 20th Festival in 2014 connecting the World to London – the most culturally diverse city on the planet – and London to the World.

From the football pitches and favelas of Brazil to the shopping malls of Japan, via Haiti and Moscow, artists from across the world make astonishing work about their lives, loves, triumphs and losses – linking us together in experiences we all share but express in a thousand different ways.

2014年第二十屆倫敦國際戲劇節(London International Festival of Theatre, 簡稱LIFT)拉開帷幕,今年它將全世界與倫敦連接起來,同時也將這個地球上最多元化的城市當做舞台展現給全世界。


Artistic Director Mark Ball invites audiences to 30 joyous, moving and inspiring productions from 13 countries in 15 venues across the breadth of the capital. Extraordinary global stories and intense visual and personal experiences come from dynamic new voices, linking audiences with artists in London and around the world and with productions that take place everywhere from the theatre and museum, to the street and the internet.

藝術總監馬克·鮑爾(Mark Ba​​ll)給觀眾帶來了來自13個不同國家的30組戲劇作品,這些作品風格各異:有的歡欣雀躍,有的感人肺腑,有的給人們以激勵。這些優秀的藝術家運用強有力的視覺衝擊力和獨特的個人風格來為我們呈現那些來自世界各個角落的奇珍故事。通過該戲劇節觀眾既能了解來自世界各地的藝術家,也能在劇院、博物館甚至街頭和網路平台欣賞他們的作品。


A programme of World and UK premieres include invigorating and evocative new work: Russia’s Dmitry Krymov Lab, an ensemble of visual artists turned performers, builds vast poetic imagery to breathe emotional life into Soviet oppression and censorship; French company Rara Woulib transform the streets of London into a Voodoo carnival; Brazilian choreographer Bruno Beltrao, has scoured the internet for movements and gestures to create remarkable fusion of street and contemporary dance and hip hop; Swedish/British artists Lundahl and Seitl immerse using the archives and galleries of the Royal Academy in the build up to the Summer Exhibition; Requardt & Rosenberg (Motor show LIFT 2012) return to LIFT with The Roof – surrounding audiences with a hair-raising mix of free running, dance and sound as a reluctant hero flees across rooftops in a bid to survive; and for Turfed, in partnership with the Street Child World Cup 2014, Brazilian director Renato Rocha (The Dark Side of Love LIFT 2012) and a young cast from the UK, Tanzania, Brazil and the Philippines use their passion for football to tell true stories of homelessness.

For its festival in 2014, LIFT is also responding to the long shadow that World War One still casts: a war that devastated Europe, created borders that are still sources of conflict and industrialised killing on a mass scale. In response to the 100th Anniversary of the start of WW1 and co-commissioned by 14-18 NOW, WW1 Centenary Art Commissions, LIFT presents After A War, curated by Mark Ball and Tim Etchells (Artistic Director, Forced Entertainment).


此次戲劇節的劇目名單裡還有很多作品是首度與觀眾見面的,這些引人矚目的作品中包括來自俄羅斯的德米特里·克雷莫夫研究所(Dmitry Krymov Lab),這是一群視覺藝術家向表演者身份的轉型,通過營造詩意的舞台畫面,力爭在蘇聯的高壓政策下保有​​人性地活著;法國公司拉拉·吾利博(Rara Woulib)把倫敦街頭打造成了一個巫毒狂歡盛宴;巴西編舞布魯諾·內爾特朗(Bruno Beltrao)將街道、現代舞蹈和嘻哈巧妙地融合在一起;瑞典和英國藝術家倫達爾與塞托(Lundahl and Seitl)全面地利用了皇家藝術學會(the Royal Academy)的檔案館和展廳來創作。除此之外,一些往屆藝術家的回歸作品也令LIFT戲劇節充滿了驚喜,如容懷德和羅森博格(Requardt & Rosenberg)的《屋頂(The Roof)》、雷納托·羅恰(Renato Rocha)的《鋪草坪(Turfed)》。

《戰後(After A War)》是LIFT戲劇節特別就戰爭留下的陰霾所做出的回應:由於衝突和大規模的殺戮,第一次世界大戰幾乎蹂躪了整個歐洲,2014年距一戰爆發正好100週年,為了追悼這個歷史性的時刻,2014 LIFT戲劇節與一戰百年藝術委員會共同打造了這部紀念第一次世界大戰的劇目。

Tips 小貼士

展覽場地:Across London 倫敦多處演出地點