Mind the Gap

ArtSalon+ & Banana Jam Present
16 September —16 October 2017
L2 Phase, 1 Yizhan Center, Meiyuan Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen



Mind The Gap is the second collaboration between Banana Jam and ArtSalon+ in Shenzhen, and brings together 14 contemporary artists based in China, Europe, and the UK, who represent the very best artistic talent in their chosen mediums.

The exhibition includes painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and video, forming a cohesive collection of contemporary art that aims to draw the audience’s attention to the ‘gap’ between Art and non-art.

《小心間隙》是Banana Jam和ArtSalon+在深圳的第二次合作,共邀請了來自中國、歐洲和英國的十四位傑出的當代藝術家,他們用自己選擇的媒介展現了最佳的藝術才華。


Mind the Gap © Banana Jam




Artists 關於藝術家


Stephen Bird

Although he is primarily renowned as a ceramicist, Stephen Bird initially trained as a painter and works across a range of mediums. Bird studied Fine art at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee, and at Cyprus Art College.

儘管Stephen Bird 是一位著名的陶藝家, 但他最初接受的是繪畫訓練,並使用豐富多樣的媒介進行藝術創作。他曾在鄧迪亞利桑那大學藝術學院和塞浦路斯藝術學院學習美術。


Cai Hongshuo 蔡鴻碩

Hongshou studied at The Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts, the China Academy of Fine Arts, and at UAL / Chelsea College of Arts in London, where he gained an MA in Fine Art in 2015. Much of his work has been inspired by traditional Chinese painting and centres on photography, performance and installation painting.



Lars Calmar

Lars Calmer’s sculptural works are inspired by classical Greek figurative art, though instead of depicting the ideal form and perfect proportions of a ‘human God’, they instead figure the grotesque, obese and wrinkled, which invite the viewer to reflect on what it is to be human.

Lars Calmer 的雕塑作品靈感來源於古希臘的具象藝術,但他並沒有描繪擁有理想外形和完美比例的“人之神”,反而展現怪誕、肥胖和皺紋的特徵,為的是引導觀眾反思什麼是真實的人類。


Huang Cheng 黃成

Huang Cheng is a cross-media artist who graduated from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts Department of sculpture. He is the founder of the Self-House art projects, and the Baishizhou Record Company. He currently lives and works in Guangzhou.



Huang Yuan 黃原

Huang Yuan’s work centres on painting and sculpture, and is inspired by his experience of being alone. Originally from Nanxian, Hunan, he now lives and works in Shenzhen.



Seulgi Kang

Placing herself centre-stage in her videos, which are always starkly beautiful and atmospheric, the artist depicts Sisyphus-like gestures that serve as reminders of the human condition. Seulgi lives and works in London and Seoul, Korea.



Ryan LaBar

Ryan LaBar received his MFA at the University of Nebraska Lincoln and he has worked as a resident artist at the Archie Bray Foundation and the LH Project, California State University Long Beach. His work, which has been shown in China, Bali, Poland, Denmark , Korea, and the Philippines, and is held in private and public collections around the world.

Ryan LaBar在內布拉斯加林肯大學獲得藝術碩士,曾是阿奇布雷基金會和LH項目的駐留藝術家。他的作品曾在中國、巴厘、波蘭、丹麥、韓國、菲律賓展出,同時成為世界各地的私人和公共收藏品。


Ryan Mitchel 煤球

Ryan Mitchell is Art Director and Curator for Jingdezhen International Studio, an artist residency programme established by the city of Jingdezhen, China. Ryan has worked extensively in China, curating and making work in places such as Shenzhen Dawang Culture Highland, Fuping International Ceramic Museums, and in Beijing.



Shen Zhoulai 沈周來

Shen Zhoulai is a painter and sculptor whose work explores the confusion and absurdities of life through relationships between the imagined and physical worlds. He lives and works in Wutang Mountain, Shenzhen.



Jonathan Slaughter

Jonathan studied for his BA and MA in Fine Art at UAL/Chelsea College of Arts and currently lives and works in London. His practice can be best described as experimental sculpture, often containing a philosophical point of origin.

Jonathan Slaughter在倫敦藝術大學切爾西藝術學院獲得本科和碩士學位,目前生活和工作於倫敦。他的作品大多以實驗雕塑為主,靈感來自哲學的起源點。


Billy Ward
An artist who mainly works with appropriated film and video footage, Billy gained his MA in Fine Art from UAL/Chelsea College of Arts in 2013. Iconic films like ‘Citizen Kane’ and television series such as ‘The Twilight Zone’ become meme-like touchstones for the structure and physical aesthetic of his work, which manipulate the ways in which video and moving image can be viewed.

Billy於2013年獲得英國理工學院/切爾西藝術學院的美術碩士學位,主要從事電影和電影作品的創作。他著重於用視頻和動圖來呈現他的作品,作品結構上基於一些標誌性的電影《Citizen Kane》和電視劇《The Twilight Zone》。


Poul R. Weile

Poule graduated from the Academy of Arts in Odense in 1984 and lives and works in Berlin. His work, which defies easy description, varies from sculpture, collage, photography, performance, video and painting, and often challenges the viewer to reflect on themselves and their own lives.



Yu Tong 於童

Tong Studied at the Glasgow School of Art, where he gained a First Class BA with Honours. His work centres on sculpture, though includes drawing, painting, video and performance, and is often inspired by his own personal experiences.



Zhou Yuan 周圓

Zhou Yuan studied for his MA in Fine Art at UAL/Chelsea college of Art. His works centres on drawing, painting and sculpture. He is a director and founder of Banana Jam and the Divine Spatial Design Company in Shenzhen.

周圓畢業於倫敦藝術大學切爾西藝術學院,獲美術碩士學位。他的作品主要為繪畫、油畫、雕塑。作為Banana Jam藝術空間館長,他同時還經營大韻空間藝術設計公司,現工作生活於深圳。


Julian McSweeney

Julian McSweeney is an artist – curator, co-founder and director of ArtSalon+. He has curated numerous art exhibitions in the UK and internationally, and recently returned to China to curate exhibitions for the University of the Arts London (UAL) alumni, and was a contributing participant for China Craft Week 2017 Conference in Hangzhou.

Julian McSweeney,藝術家,策展人,ArtSalon+創始人兼館長。他在英國和國際上策劃了眾多成功的藝術展覽,參與了杭州中​​國工藝週2017大會,近期會再次來到中國為倫敦藝術大學(UAL)的校友策劃展覽活動。