新 寫 作: 一種對當下的琢磨

PI: Maybe one sentence to describe the special position of Bush Theatre in this new theatre culture?

RD: Bush theatre champions, nurtures, develops new writers at early stage of their career or encourages established writers to work in a different way while responding to our contemporary culture, promoting diversity of narrative, as well as the diversity
of writers themselves. To be more ambitious of the stories we
tell, the way of telling them, and to be a lot more honest about reflecting London and Britain that we are all part of, in our theatre on our stage.

For us, what are really characterizing our work now is: since moving into the old Shepherd’s Bush Library, we found ourselves part of the Uxbridge Road, part of this thriving west London community, which is diverse in culture background,
in class, economic situations. And we want to celebrate that; we want to keep our doors open to that. And we really want to ensure that our new writers don’t become footnotes in our new writing ecology.

PI: 能否用一句話總結布什劇場在新寫作中文化中擔當的角色?

RD: 布什劇場支持、滋養和發掘正處於寫作生涯初期的作家,回應當代 文化,推崇敘事的多樣性,講述我們置身其中的倫敦和英國。

我們的特色在於,自從搬進位於阿克斯布里奇(Uxbridge)路的謝菲爾 德布什圖書館,我們就感到自己是這個充滿活力的、多樣化社區的一部 分;我們將以開放的態度來接納和推崇這種倫敦多元社區文化的發展。 我們認為,新作家在戲劇生態裡不應成為別人的腳註,而應當是這個時 刻的主流聲音。




It was noon when we left this building, we paid a purposely visit
to Shepherd’s Bush Market on the corner, the market next to it. Many hawker stalls from all over the world and of all different colours had already set up their booths. In this long and seemingly endless lane,
it is like somewhere else, or, more precisely, in an unusual London. What Rob has been always stressed seems to be clear, which is that new writing is to write the surrounding and write the moment. And this new writing in Bush Theatre can be so natural and logical.

在正午離開劇場的時候,我們特意拐彎去 了一趟旁邊的集市——謝菲爾德布什集 市。來自世界各地、各種膚色的小攤小販們 早就擺好了攤位;在這長長的、一眼望不 到 頭 的 街 巷 裏 ,就 好 像 一 下 子 置 身 別 處 ,或 者更確切地說,置身一個與平日裏不同的 倫 敦 。似 乎 明 白 了 洛 伯 一 直 強 調 的 ,新 寫 作 是 為 了 書 寫 周 邊 、書 寫 當 下 。而 這 種 書 寫 在 布 什 劇 場 ,可 以 如 此 自 然 而 然 、順 理 成 章


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