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MARK: Get lots of practice! It is the only way. You just have to do it, make lots of mistakes, slowly figure it out. It’s always dangerous when people look at somebody like me who has been doing this for 40 years and they think I want to be like him. But the reason I am like what I am is because I have been doing it for 40 years! This is the same with lottery; it is the same with playing the piano or the violin or being an artist or a photographer. It takes time, and so how do you become like me? 
Do it for 40 years and
you will be right there
in 2050. Ready to go. I
understand that young
people are impatient
for everything, but I
never knew when I was
18, 20 that this is what
I was going to do that
never really was part of
my view of the world. I
just wanted to do things
that were interesting
that I could feel satisfied
by intellectually things,
that were interesting
things, that were not
trivial things, that al-
lowed me to work with
my skills and things,
that allowed me to explore my paticular, give
 me opportunities to use
my skills. So I have ended up in entertainment,
had it been slightly different. I may have ended up building airplanes
or anything else, I don’t
think waking up as a
child there was a burn
ing ambition to work in
the entertainment business, I just woke up with
a burning ambition to
have an interesting life.
That is all, I don’t know how else you can measure it, and I have had an extraordinarily interesting life because of that, and because I have never said no. So here we are!


MARK:進行儘可能多的實踐,這是唯一的方式。你只需要做 到這一點,把錯誤慢慢弄明白。不開始行動才是最危險的。 當人們看我或像我這樣的人時,常說很想成為像我或他一樣 的人,但我認為我之所以成為今天的我就是我在這個行業一 直堅持了40年!這與陶瓷家、鋼琴家、小提琴家、攝影師一 樣,這需要時間,所以要怎麼才能變得像我這樣?堅持做上 40年,從今天算起你就會在2050年蓄勢待發。但據我所知, 年輕人都缺少耐心,但我在18、20歲的時候也不知道以後要 幹什麼,也沒有一些對世界的看法。我只是做自己想做的事 情,認為有趣的、不平凡的事情,做一些能讓我發揮所長的事 情。我如果不是選擇從事娛樂領域設計的話,可能就去製造飛 機或別的東西。我不認為誰是一覺醒來就有勃勃雄心致力於娛 樂圈工作,我只是抱著勃勃雄心起來去做事,去過我認為有趣 的生活。這就是我想說的,我不知道用什麼方式去衡量生活, 但我認為自己擁有一個非常有趣的生活,因為我從來不退縮。


MARK: Some of it but not all. Well, I am an old guy, so I still enjoy the Rolling Stones and the people I grew up with, and they are still producing new stuff. So I am very lucky that I get to work with these people whose music I really really like. We are even at the moment doing a show with the Rolling Stones right now. At home I listen to jazz, classical music, don’t listen too much of the music I work with. But when I am working and I am in the room with a bunch of live musicians I really love it, and I can even say that of being in a room with Madonna or Lady Gaga. We have worked with Lady Gaga and she is fantastic because she is a brilliant musician, you can be there when she is singing and playing the piano and you think this is as good as it gets. I have actually listened to some of her songs at home because there is some stuff I re- ally like. Mostly I would sit down and listen to somebody playing Mozart on the piano if I am relaxing.


MARK:某些吧,不是全部。我是一個老傢伙,所以我還 是喜歡滾石樂隊,那些陪伴我成長的人,他們仍然在創作 新的東西。我很幸運一開始便與這些我真心喜歡的音樂人 在一起工作。我們甚至現在還在為滾石做演唱會。在家, 我聽爵士、古典,沒有特別去聽那些工作上會碰到的作 品。但是,當我在錄音室與現場演奏的樂手在一起時, 我確實非常喜歡,比如說,和瑪丹娜、Lady Gaga。Lady Gaga,她真的太棒了,她是一位才華橫溢的音樂家, 她 的演唱和鋼琴演奏讓我覺得非常贊。其實我在家也聽她的 歌曲,有一些曲目我真的很喜歡。如果我想要放鬆的話, 通常我會坐下來聽別人演奏莫扎特的音樂。

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