The Royal Court Theatre is Britain’s leading national company dedicated to new work by innovative writers from the UK and around the world. The theatre’s pivotal role in promoting new voices is undisputed – the New York Times described it as ‘the most important theatre in Europe’.

倫敦皇家宮廷劇院享有“倫敦最酷劇院”的美譽。這家坐落在斯隆廣場(Sloane Square) 的劇院擁有極為悠久的歷史,如今它致力於發掘英國和世界上富有創造力的新作者。在 發掘新生力量方面,《紐約時報》甚至將其稱為歐洲最重要的劇院。

The Royal Court receives and considers an extraordinary quantity of new work and, each year, presents an ambitious programme in its two venues at Sloane Square in London. In recent years, the Royal Court has also staged productions in New York, Sydney, Brussels, Toronto and Dublin.

劇院前身是始於1870年的新切爾西劇院(New Chelsea Theatre),由教堂改建而成,坐 落在喬治低街(Lower George Street),於1871年更名為宮廷劇院(Court Theatre)。 劇院最終於1882年7月22日關閉,取而代之的是當今位於斯隆廣場東側的這座始於1888 年9月24日的新宮廷劇院(New Court Theatre)。這座新的建築按照意式風格,由紅 磚、模壓磚、和石頭門面建成。

In addition to its high profile productions, the Royal Court facilitates international work at a grass roots level, developing exchanges which bring young writers to Britain and sending British writers, actors and directors to work with artists around the world. The Royal Court Young Writers Programme also works to develop new voices with a biennial festival and year-round development work for writers under 26.

作為一家“真正的國際化劇院”,皇家宮廷劇院早年間的重要劇目囊括了世界戲劇的經典 之作,包括塞繆爾·貝克特(Samuel Beckett)、布萊希特(Bertolt Brecht)、馬克斯·弗 裏施(Max Frisch)、讓·熱奈(Jean Genet)、尤金·尤奈斯庫(Eugene Ionesco)、阿瑟· 米勒(Arthur Miller)和沃萊·索因卡(Wole Soyinka)等國際戲劇大師的作品。


The Royal Court’s success has inspired confidence in theatres across the world and, whereas new plays were once viewed as a risk, they are now at the heart of a revival of interest among artists and audiences alike.

近年來皇家宮廷劇院的重要貢獻之一是促成“草根”作品的國際化。每年推出的新作品除 了在倫敦,還在紐約、悉尼、布魯塞爾、多倫多和都柏林上演;它將許多國際上的年輕作 家引入英國,也將英國的劇作家、演員和導演推向國際舞臺。劇院專門設置了雙年戲劇 節和年度作品計劃,致力於26歲以下年輕戲劇人的發掘。皇家宮廷劇院的成功極大地激 發了其他劇院的信心,新劇本的制作演出不再被看作是冒險行為,而是重新成為藝術家 和觀眾們的興趣核心。

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