Small College, Huge Influence

ART.ZIP: How do you select students, apart from their portfolios?

NB: Not every institution requires interview, but we do. We require portfolios, and some working experience, but we always interview. Because we know it’s expensive to travel, if students are unable to come to London, we will do an online interview, using Skype for example. Only about a third of our students come directly from undergraduate programmes, so we have a lot of mature students who may have been thinking for some time about postgraduate education and coming to the RCA. Quite often they have a long conversation with us before they apply.

ART.ZIP: 除了學生們提供的作品集,您們在挑選學生的時候還有哪些考量因素?



ART.ZIP: What is the key point of selecting students when doing the interview?

NB: Are they going to change the world? It’s really really important that students have something beyond ambition. They have to think differently. We don’t want somebody who does exactly the same thing as somebody else, and there are a lot of other universities that will accommodate that. We generate people who will become leaders in art and design. We now have 1,400 students, which is small compared to many other places. We are actually the smallest university in the UK, but our level of influence is very strong. It’s not about size; it’s about changing the world, being influential.

ART.ZIP: 在面試的時候,什麼樣的特質或是因素會影響您們對學生的考察呢?



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