蘇荷劇院: 有關未來的戲劇盛宴



The writer’s centre of Soho Theatre discovers and nurtures playwrights  through a broad range of activities, developing their work to wards production. It’s accessible range of resources offers writers across the UK vital support at any stage of their careers. Soho wants to work with writers from conception to production and love to produce a writer’s first play and have no objections to their second, third or fiftieth.

Through commissions, residencies and attachments, readings and workshops, Soho Theatre’s writer programmes enable them to deepen their relationships with artists, forge conversations and develop ideas – all with the aim of creating unforgettable nights out on stage.

劇院為戲劇創作的新人們提供各種資源,並希望從構思創意到排練制 作,與作家進行全方位的合作。盡管蘇荷劇院鼓勵制作劇作家的第一部 作品,他們也並不排斥這些劇作家後來的創作。

蘇荷劇院與新寫作相關的另一特色是各種類型的寫作工坊。例如每月 一次的公開寫作工坊(Open Access Workshop)、專業級別的大師課 程(Master Classes)、給作者們提供修改建議和新靈感的“寫作診所” (The Clinic)以及促進英國作家之間合作的地區工作坊(Regional Workshop)。

通過鼓勵大膽的創意和深入的作品,蘇荷劇院為眾們帶來一個又一個的 舞臺不眠夜。




“Whether you are six years old, sixty years old or six hundreds and sixty-six years old”, as long as you love adventuring and daring to dream, then Soho Theatre can be your dream paradise. The diversity of audiences is inseparable with the theatre’s purpose and character. In addition, Soho Theatre is very fancy young audiences, and offers a variety of performance opportunities for young people under the age of 25, or even children under 10 years old.

“無論你是六歲,六十歲還 是六百六十六歲”,只要你熱 愛新鮮、敢於做夢,蘇荷劇 院都是你的夢想天堂。蘇荷 劇院的觀眾具有多樣化的特 點,這與劇院的宗旨和特色 密不可分。此外,劇院十分 看中年輕的戲劇觀眾,為25 歲以下的年輕人提供各種 表演機會,甚至為10歲以下 的兒童開設表演俱樂部。

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