Here sun and moon Float day and night

[Here sun and moon Float day and night]——Zheng Wenxin Solo Exhibition

Artist: Zheng Wenxin

Date : 28/03/ 2015–06/05   Opening: 3pm-6pm on March,28th 2015

Address: Hunsand Space   A8,No.211 Cao Chang Di ,Chao Yang District, Beijing

T: 010-53317400 M:+86 18515992737

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[Here sun and moon Float day and night] —— The Audio Visual Live Of Jiang Zhu Yun

Artist: Jiang Zhu Yun(Ji Mu)

Date: 8:30pm on March,28th 2015(Saturday)

Address: XP Bar   No. 2 Xilouxiang, South-west corner of Di An Men Intersection, Xicheng District, Beijing

T: (010)64069947   Email:




展览时间:2015年3月28日 — 5月6日   开幕时间:2015年3月28日下午3点-6点

地点:拾萬空间   北京市朝阳区草场地艺术区211号院A8

电话:010-53317400 +86 18515992737

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艺术家:蒋竹韵(积木 Ji Mu)

时间:2015年3月28日 周六 20:30

演出地点:XP小萍   北京西城区地安门西大街 地安门十字路口西南角 “秋栗香”后

电话:(010)64069947   邮箱



The solo exhibition named ‘here sun and moon float day and night’ of Zheng Wenxin will begin on 28th,March ,2015 in Hunsand Space. Hunsand Space will invite Jiang Zhuyun(Ji Mu) to present the audio vision live in XP bar.

The name of the exhibition ‘here sun and moon float day and night’ originated from the poem in the [Deng Yue Yang Lou ]of Du Fu. With the aid of the writing of the poet, the physical space of the nature was stretch to the broad gas field. The word “float”not only steadied the“ sun or moon” and “day or night” in the critical state without the edge, but also contained it in the flowing circulated rhythm of life.

With the similar of that, the space of the art works of Zheng Wenxin is filled with invisible power. The power is always trying to break through the edge of the picture space. From this, life and substance, spirit and reality, nature and volition, these opposite relationship was firmly harmonized in the painting rhythm by the complied action in the creative behavior of the artist.

As regards to the artists, the behavior of painting is like yoga. The two behaviors stretch the meridian of the body and the space of the spirit. In the process of the stretch, the main part constantly gains the energy and power.

This exhibition is not a painting works exhibition in the conventional sense .Zheng Wenxin used the human body organs and the four rivers which she has lived with as the template of the frame shape to made ten special-shaped frames respectively. As to the artists, the shape of the organs and the rivers themselves contains some kind of energy. The form is not a system to express the meanings and emotions any longer. The gas field inside it accords with the logic of the painting itself better.

Zheng Wenxin who was born in the 1975, graduated with her Bachelor’degree from the Art department of Xiamen University and got her Master’s degree in Britain Kent institute of art and design. She began her teaching career in China Academy of Art.

As to the poem of ‘here sun and moon float day and night’, we can feel the infinite extensive space. Besides that, Hunsand Space will invite Jiang Zhuyun(Ji Mu) to present the audio vision live. Although the vision, sound and poem have the respective professionalism on the language structure, it is a kind of intentional exist from the aesthetic to the audiences. This kind of exist which established in the language structure and surpass the structure finally can bring on great spirit freedom. On the basic of that, we can seemly talk about anything.

Jiang Zhuyun was born in 1984, lives and works in Hangzhou, China. Jiang’s works takes on multiple forms such as installation, paint, sound art, field recording and Audio Visual live pieces. As curator and excutor, he was in charge of many projects in Imagokinetic Lab of JNBY Art Center. Now he teaches programing and sound basic tech theory in SIMA, China Academy of Art.

Hunsand Spacec, found in 2014, is located in No. 211 Caochangdi Art Area. Hunsand Space keeps vigilant watch over the normal exhibitions of “Cube”. Hunsand Space, starting from syntax and semantic structures of contemporary art languages and extending to wider fields, hopes to motivate people to find the ignored parts of the present culture and take the value of contemporary art ideas to you and me through on-going exhibitions and projects.








蒋竹韵,1984生于杭州,现生活工作于杭州。他的创作和研究方向涉足多种形态,包括装置、绘画、行为、观念、声音艺术、田野录音以及 AudioVisual 现场等。他曾参与并负责杭州江南布衣艺术中心想象力学实验室的多次项目策划和执行,现在中国美术学院从事编程和声音基础理论教学。



Text by Jiao Xueyan 焦雪雁
Edited by Qiwen Ke 柯淇雯