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PI: In which ways you work with writers and help new writers to mature their ideas?


SH: We work with writers of all levels.

The production we have on at the moment Land of Our Fathers is the outcome of a scheme we run called “503Five”. That is an 18-month residency with Theatre503 during which the chosen 5 emerging playwrights will be offered mentorship, advice and support, culminating in a first draft submission of a brand new play with at least one of those plays being taken to full production. With those writers we have a very intense on- going relationships.

Then we have the writers of all the main shows. We work with many of those writers dramaturgically before, and once the play is confirmed.

What sets 503 apart are our pioneering schemes and initiatives wherein we work with completely new writers in an ongoing way. We receive unsolicited scripts (scripts from writers that we have no knowledge of). We do get back to all of those writers: to some we offer feedback; others we invite in for a meeting or offer them an opportunity of writing or developing a play with us. One program we have is called “Rapid Write Response”. Rapid Write Response is an event in which we invite writers to create a 10-minute short play, inspired by the main show. The nature of the response is left entirely to the writers’ imagination and we choose the best responses to be performed. So, that means there are a number of opportunities for our new writers to meet with actors, directors and have feedback from 503. It’s open at ground level to anybody no matter how limited your experience is. If we feel that you have the talent and an interest in getting involved, we will do our best in one way or another to give you support. The author of our current show Land of Our Fathers – Chris Urch – first came to our attention through a Rapid Write back in 2011.


第一類就是我們所說的“503五作家”。他們常駐劇場18個月,在劇場裡寫 作、探討、舉辦工作坊。目前劇場正在上演的《父輩的土地(Land of Our Fathers)》就出自其中一位作家。這也是503劇場與作家保持一種持續的 親密關系的表現。

除此之外,劇場與完全意義上的新作家進行合作。收到提交的劇本,閱讀 劇本並給予反饋。我們會邀請一些作家來劇場見面,請他們來看我們一 場主要演出,然後圍繞該劇來創作一個10分鐘的小短劇(這個項目叫做 “速寫回應”)。之後會單獨找一天,選擇我們感興趣的作品進行演出。

只要新的作家們有才能,對戲劇感興趣,我們願意提供各種方式的支持, 並保持這種關系。我們的大門對每個想要寫作劇本的人敞開,並不在乎 作家之前的寫作經驗;而是努力觸及有才華的寫作新手們,努力為他們提 供可能的資源。目前主秀的劇作家克里斯·阿奇(Chris Urch)就是從2011 年的“速寫回應”中脫穎而出的作家。

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