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PI: How many scripts do you read per year?


SH: The theatre receives around about 1000 to 1500 unsolicited scripts a year. We also receive scripts from the people we know, for instance, people who work in the space. We also receive many scripts from America, because of the success of The Mountain Top some years ago, so our reach extends far beyond just our little theatre in Battersea.

每年大概收到1000-1500個劇本。另外一部分作品來自我們熟悉的 劇作家。因為劇場前些年的《山巔(Mountain Top)》這樣較為出名的作 品,我們還時常收到一些來自英國以外的國家,例如美國的作品。


PI: This question is about the style of Theatre503. As audience, sometimes we feel each time we walk into 503, you will provide us a “different” show from the previous shows we have seen here. While in some other theatres, we feel their productions are, to some extent, quite similar. Can we say so?

我們總能感覺到503多變的藝術風格,好像每次來503看戲都有不同 的感覺。而不像其他一些劇院,具有較為統一的、可以預見的風格。是這 樣的嗎?

SH: Yes, I would say, hopefully every time you come to 503, what you see is a good show with a high level of quality writing. There is not a “503Style” play. We have produced musicals, historical plays, a wide range of subjects…we feel that for the audience, it’s really exciting for them to come back not quite sure of what kind of play they are about to watch, and we are certainly not delivering the same play or the same style again and again.

的確。我們沒有單一的風格。我們的作品類型涉及較廣,從音樂劇到 歷史劇都有。我們不想設定一個特定的風格。因為對觀眾來說,一定想要 多種不同的體驗。對作家來說,更是要引導他們自己的興趣,寫出他們真 正感興趣的話題。我們不會重復地為觀眾呈現同樣風格的作品。


PI:  What kind of audiences you will see usually in the theatre?


SH: It’s a complete mixture. We have a regular local audience who come back again and again to shows but we also have a bigger audience community because of our established media profile and our excellent reputation for high standard productions. We are known as an exciting theatre to go to if you are looking for high quality productions of contemporary, quality new writing.

有本地的社區觀眾,他們也往往會常回來看戲。再就是我們劇場的聲譽 不錯,媒體的關注度也較高,能夠吸引更廣泛的戲劇群體。當然,可能每個 作品不同的風格,也會吸引不同的觀眾。總體而言,是較為混合型的觀眾。


PI: It must be difficult run a theatre without core funding. What are the basic ways in which you are looking for financial support?


SH: Indeed, we have no regular funding. We do receive some funding from the Arts Council for particular projects, but that’s certainly not every project. We also look towards a number of trusts and foundations, as well as private sponsorships from individuals interested in supporting 503 or a particular production, and box office takings are often fed back into future shows. We simply have to explore all avenues of potential revenue and be as creative as possible in our approach to this situation.

的確我們沒有一個常規的核心資金支持。某些特別的項目能夠收到 英國藝術委員會(Arts Council)的支持。我們有一些基金,來自願意支 持劇場或者劇場某個作品的觀眾。我們的票房收入也會再度回歸到作品 中。確實,我們當下的確需要各種渠道來吸引資金。

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