我們一直在這裡 – 史蒂夫·哈珀

PI: Many of our Chinese audiences have never been to London or watched a show here. Can you describe what’s a normal day (for you) at 503?

很多中國觀眾目前都沒有來倫敦看過戲。能不能給大家介紹一 下,503劇場日常的一天。

SH: Well, I don’t know if there’s a normal day at 503 (laugh). For me personally, it would involve maybe a meeting with other senior members of the team to talk about the show we have on and the upcoming shows (our weekly programming meeting.) Then I may have a literary meeting, where I’ll have a discussion with the artistic director and other members of the literary team about new plays and projects that I have been looking at and suggesting those that we should pursue. Then potentially there will be a few meetings with individual writers, which could be general introductory meetings or ones related to a specific play. Finally there may be other building related issues that as a core team member I am also often asked to feed into.

我不知道我們有沒有“日常”(normal)的一天(笑)。我們的一天中, 可能會安排與管理團隊見面,了解現在的演出和討論未來一段時間的演 出計劃。再就是與新作家的會談。他們有時候會過來打個招呼熟悉劇院, 或者來商討為某個作品合作的事情。而作為文學方面的負責人,我要閱讀 收到的劇本,與藝術總監和文學團隊的人交換意見。此外,我還可能去趟 票房,了解收入情況等等。因為經營一家劇院,需要照顧這些方方面面。


PI: Any suggestions for the new writers?


SH: I think the most important thing is to not be scared of the writing. Not to be too self-critical too early; to write something rather than think about writing something. Write about the subject or the issues that interest you in the form you wish to write them in. Be brave, and be confident about the quality of your writing. Everybody starts somewhere, and everybody develops in different ways and at different rates, so be prepared to be thinking in the long term, not necessarily just about the play you have written but the many more plays you intend to write. Be open to engaging with theatres in many different ways.

最重要的是,不要被寫作這件事嚇到。初期不要對自己太嚴苛。開始 寫而不要總是想著開始寫。以你想要的方式寫你感興趣的話題。勇敢一 些 ,自 信 一 些 ,因 為 每 個 人 都 有 起 點 ,然 後 漸 漸 寫 得 更 好 。所 以 ,現 在 開 始 寫 ,發 出 去 ,設 法 得 到 回 饋 ,然 後 繼 續 !



Agreed interview time passed quickly. Steve chatted with us for ten more minutes about the opportunity of cooperation between the UK and China, then he looked at his watch and smiled to us, said “I’m sorry that I need to pick up my children back to home from school now, and you are always welcome to 503.” Looking at his smile, I whispered in my heart: what is dramatic in the end? In Theatre503, dramatic can be daily fragments from ordinary people, and it can also be a significant event recorded in the history. Next time, when we come into 63-seats Theatre503 built above a bar, what can we encounter? I cannot help expecting unforeseeable unexpectedness.


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