Write what you think – Sarah Grochala
寫你所想 – 莎拉·古馳安拉

PI: What kind of suggestions would you give to the people who really want to learn playwriting but are not qualified for this course?

SG: I think, to start with, they need to watch a lot of plays. There are books that offer good advice about how to write a play, but I think fundamentally that you learn to
write by watching plays. It’s also useful to take courses. For instance, masters course or other good courses such as the Royal Court Young Writers’ programme. Often what you decide to do in terms of training will depend on what ultimately want to do as a writer and the resources you have access to.

PI: 對於那些對戲劇寫作有熱情但暫時沒達到 課程申請要求的學生來說,你有什麼建議嗎?

SG: 我覺得首先就是去看戲,看很多戲。雖然有 書本教如何寫戲,但是我認為最基本的學習方 法是看戲。學習專業課程也很有用。例如碩士 課程或其他好的寫作項目,像皇家劇院的青年 作家項目。通常選擇哪類型的課程要取決於想 成為怎樣的作家或取得的資源有哪些。


PI: Can you name some contemporary playwrights that are your favourites?

SG: I have lots of favourites. I think my favourite British playwright is Caryl Churchill because every play she writes is very different. Each new one is very different from her last one. She is always trying to do something exciting and new. Her plays never feel the same. And then there are lots of really good young British playwrights.

I really like Lucy Kirkwood, Mike Bartlett, Lucy Prebble and John Donnelly. John Donnelly actually used to teach on the MA/MFA in Writing for Stage and Media Broadcast at Central before me.

PI: 能跟我們分享一些你喜歡的英國當代劇作 家嗎?

SG: 我想我最喜歡的英國劇作家應該是卡裏 爾·丘吉爾(Caryl Churchill), 她的作品每一 部都非常獨特,每一部作品都在嘗試著突破。 年輕的一代裡面,我喜歡露西·柯克伍德(Lucy Kirkwood),邁克·巴特利特(Mike Bartlett), 露西·柏寶(Lucy Prebble)還有之前在這裡教 書的約翰·唐納利(John Donnelly)。

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