黃土地劇團 – 久美子·孟德爾


PI: How you got the idea of Dim Sum Nights? It is very interesting to present the theatre showcase at a restaurant.

KM: Over the years the company has run development workshops for writers and directors and most recently with actors and I was looking for a way to bring these three strands together. I was also keen to take our work into different spaces. So that’s why Dim Sum Nights began. It was like a test really. It was a way for people to test new material for themselves, but putting it in
a format that was accessible, and hopefully interesting, and it would be a good way of bringing in new audiences – it’s not easy selling a show when the writers are pretty unknown. Originally
I was thinking lunchtime plays, we do a selection of very short pieces at lunchtime, hence dim sum. All the pieces would be different like dim sum and we hoped there would be something to suit everyone’s taste. As I looked into it, I could see it was going to take up a lot of time and resources to build an audience for a lunchtime event. So I thought let’s do it in the evening and make it more of a show, so we can have more pieces, not limited to just an hour. It’s usually around an hour to an hour and 20 minutes. That’s why we called it Dim Sum Nights. By presenting it in a Chinese restaurant I hoped that those people familiar with that space might feel more comfortable coming there to see theatre than going to the theatre itself. Using round tables for audience seating meant people had to sit with people they didn’t know and gave a good communal atmosphere. People also enjoyed the novelty factor plus the combination of food and theatre is always a winner.

PI: 您是如何產生舉辦點心之夜的想法的?我認為在餐廳舉辦戲劇展示 非常有趣。

KM: 近些年來,黃土地曾經開展過一些作家,演員和導演工作坊。我希望 尋求一種方式能把這三者結合起來。同時,我們也很希望把我們的作品帶 到不同的空間展示。這也正是“點心之夜”的起源。這很像一個測試,如何 幫助人們去檢驗新素材,但是同時可供欣賞並且很有趣。同時這也是一個 培養新觀眾的好方式。要知道去賣一個不知名作者的作品可非常不易。

最開始我考慮的是午間劇場。在中午時段去演出一些小短劇片段。每一 個片段都很不同,就像點心一樣,不同的點心可能適合不同人的口味。 但是當我們進展下去的時候,發現在午間尋求觀眾將花費很大的人力物 力。於是我想那就還是在晚間吧,這樣時間也可以延長些,就能容納更多 的作品。目前,平均每場時間為一個小時二十分鐘或者一個半小時。這就 是我們為什麽叫它“點心之夜”。

在中餐館來演出主要是考慮到比起劇場來,觀眾可能會對這個空間更熟 悉,也更能放松。而且使用圓桌讓陌生人需要坐在同一個桌面,創造了很 好的溝通渠道。人們在享受餐飲的同時會,觀看的戲劇才是重中之重。

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