Bush Theatre is never short of unreserved recommendations and praises from London theatricians and critics. Since its inception in 1972, Bush Theatre has established its significance as a theatre for new writing, both within Britain and around the globe. Works that originated here have received more than a hundred awards and honors. The majority of plays represented in Bush Theatre is produced by their own team, and when conditions allow, the plays are toured around the country. Bush has its own professional literature team, dedicated to the discovery of excellent scripts
from both professional and amateur playwrights. On average, the team receive about 1,500 scripts annually, and they strive to read and reply to all of them. With solid foundation of good scripts,
the final representations are highly stylized with a distinct Bush signature. The word of mouths spreads, but in two directions. More specifically, the highly stylized nature is an assurance of their consistent quality, leading to a stable base of audiences. However, some colleagues critically see it as a disincentive for distinguishing characteristics, or even an incentive for playwrights to follow the preferences of the theatre. However the critical views are, Bush is deeply concerned with plays based on real life, adding a human touch that makes its plays more accessible to the general public. Amidst many small theatres in London that favour dark and obscure themes, Bush is like a breeze of refreshment. In English, the word “Bush” can also suggest shrub. Among the many theatres in London, the name Bush suggests its humbleness. Diminutive, yet evergreen. Maybe that is how the theatre sees itself.

在倫敦戲劇人對布什劇場的評價裡,充滿著絲毫不吝嗇的贊美。始建於 1972年的布什劇場,如今是英國,乃至世界重要的新寫作劇場之一。由它 制作的作品,獲獎已經超過三位數。布什主要上演自己制作的作品,同時 也在條件允許的情況下在英國境內巡演其作品。布什擁有一支專業的文 學團隊,全力挖掘各種背景的專業及非專業編劇的優秀作品,每年平均 收到1500部新人作品,且盡力做到全部閱讀並回復。在一個好劇本的基 礎上,最終呈現出具有強烈“布什色彩”的作品。這一點上,讓布什擁有了 一種很矛盾的口碑,一方面,這種風格讓布什擁有了很有保障的質量,觀 眾源也很穩定;另一方面,一些同行也詬病其扼殺了編劇特色,或者是有 意誘導編劇投其所好。可是無論怎樣,布什對現實生活題材作品的關注 讓它的作品十分有人情味,也較為被大眾接受。在倫敦偏黑暗晦澀風格 的小劇場中無疑是一屢清新。“Bush”在英語中為“灌木”的意思,在林立的 倫敦劇場裏,布什劇場的名字正體現著它的一種低調。雖然矮小,但是常 綠,也許正是布什給自己的定位吧。




As mentioned before, Bush is a new writing theatre that emphasizes scripts. Probably the most famous playwrights from Bush is Catherine Johnson, best known for her script for the musical Mamma Mia!. Many active British playwrights have an intertwined relationship with Bush Theatre.

如前文提到,布什是一家重視劇本的新寫作劇場。從布什出名的劇作家 裡最出名的也許就是《媽媽咪呀!(Mamma Mia!)》的作者卡洛琳·傑森 (Catherine Johnson)。另外,很多活躍於英國文壇的劇作家也和這裏 有著千絲萬縷的聯系。

The Masterclass, which focus on collaborated training, and the BushGreen platform, are the two most famous literature projects of Bush Theatre.

布什最具特色的文學項目有兩個:一個是聯合培養的大師班,一個是布 什綠色網絡平台(BushGreen platform)。

The Bush/Kudos Initiative is a creative partnership between
Bush Theatre and Kudos Production Company. The Initiative accepts applications between March to June each year, and around ten writers participate the three-day masterclasses held in September, led by some of the most talented contemporary leading lights in the industry. Follow up activities will monitor the progress of these candidate writers. The Initiative expands the career path for emerging playwrights and screenwriters.

布什劇場和榮譽電影製作公司(Kudos Production Company)聯合創 新開展的作家培養計劃為英國的劇場和電視作品創作人士拓寬了職業道 路。具體的活動包括:大約十名作家參與每年九月為期三天由當代最具才 華的行業翹楚引導的大師班,之後相應的跟蹤活動會持續支持這十名作 家的進展。該活動從每年3月到6月接受申請。

There are three functions of BushGreen. First of all, it accepts play scripts, running on an online paperless platform, going green just as its name suggests. All plays are uploaded to the platform electronically for further reading. Secondly, it functions as a community of writers. Through the platform, writers can read others’ works, and get in touch with fellow writers and practitioners in the field. Thirdly, it reports on the recent progresses of other writing theatres.

布什綠色網絡平台的功能有三個,第一是接受劇作作品。和它的名字一 樣,這個網絡的運營也是綠色無紙化的,所有劇本都需要發送電子版到 這個平臺上接受下一步的閱讀。第二,是作家聯盟,通過這個論壇,你可 能閱讀他人作品,並認識更多其它作家和行業從業人士等。第三,就是接 受其它文學劇場的動態周報。

Bush Theatre has specific and concrete requirements for the selection of plays. For instance, it only accepts original writings, and excludes adaptations from other works. It only accepts full plays designed for an hour feature, or even longer duration. It prefers plays based on contemporary stories. The list goes on. Currently, Bush Theatre also accepts incomplete drafts, and encourage creative thinking for writers, in term of structure, forms, and theatre environment requirements. Works are uploaded to the platform, read by the internal literature team. This process taking about eight weeks and after which, the writer receives either notification of further development, or polite rejection. In the next stage, the creative team members, including the director, will read the script and communicate with the
writer about potential modes of development. Even if the script does not fit the requirement for Bush Theatre, the team will give advices on the script and recommend it to other theatres.

布什劇場對於作品的選擇有著明確和詳細的要求。比如必須是新寫作, 不接受改編作品;比如只接受60分鐘以上的全本;傾向講述當今故事的 劇本等等。同時布什也接受沒有正式完成的草本,並且鼓勵作者在結構, 形式和劇場環境要求上的創新想法。作品傳到平臺上後會經過內部文學 隊伍的閱讀,這個階段大約為8周,之後,作者會接到進一步發展或者婉 拒的通知。在進一步發展的階段,導演等創作隊伍的成員會閱讀劇本,並 且和作者溝通可能地發展形式。即使劇目不合適布什的條件,也會被提 以忠建,推薦到其他劇場等。

There is no temporal restrictions on the acceptance of plays for Bush. The theatre receives works year round.


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