As previously mentioned, the current site of Bush Theatre used to be a library. The leisure space of the theatre has a strong
sense of “Book Nature”. When you walk into the “Library” door, the left-hand side has completely preserved the library’s book collection. However, in order to highlight the casual atmosphere of the theatre, this area is designed into a coffee store, with wooden sofa, cotton cushions and non-uniform patterns. If you arrive early for a play, you can simply sit down comfortably and read a chapter of some interesting stories. All plays produced by Bush can be found here, and some copies are even for sale. To the right of the gate is the bar area, with same wooden structure. Audiences can often find some rather less polished homemade desserts displayed on the counter. Located directly opposite the door is the box office. Given that name, it has no real box, and neither is it a real office. Rather, it is just an office desk, with free flyers for the programs, and copies of play program and scripts for sale. All you need to do is to give your name, and the staff will friendly hand you the printed tickets. To the right of the desk, you will inadvertently step into a theatrical stage. The open space is surrounded by three rows of audience seats that are retractable in order to accommodate a variety of spatial needs for different productions. Almost every play in Bush has slightly different seating configuration, and that makes you wonder if this is the first time that you visit the venue. Probably this is the allure of the theatre, that it allows the conversion of the same venue into different spaces. The rough brick walls kept the original appearance of the building, and at the same time highlight the theatrical style of Bush Theatre.

由於前文提到,布什劇場目前的地址為前圖書館,所以在休閑空間上有非 常濃厚的“書本屬性”。走進“圖書館”的大門,左手邊的區域完全保留了圖 書館的藏書,但是為了體現劇場的休閑氣息,這個區域被設置成了咖啡 館 的 樣 子 。木 質 的 沙 發 ,棉 布 的 靠 墊 ,不 統 一 的 樣 式 。如 果 來 早 了,完 全 可 以舒舒服服地坐下來讀一章有趣的故事。布什自己出品的所有劇本在這 裏也可以找到,有的還是出售的。大門右手區域是酒吧區,同樣是原木結 構。櫃臺上還經常擺放著制作略顯粗糙的家常點心。正對著門是票房。 作為BOX OFFICE這裏是即沒有BOX也不是OFFICE,只是一張辦公桌。上 面放著免費的節目宣傳頁,還有供出售的節目單和劇本。只需報上你的姓 氏,工作人員就會找到你訂好的票并友善地交給你。桌子的右側,不經意 間便步入一個戲劇的“場”。開放式的空間,被三組觀眾席圍合,伸縮式的 坐位便於劇場適應各種演出的空間需要。幾乎每一次布什的戲都有著略 有不同的觀眾席設置,有時候甚至讓你懷疑自己是不是來過這裡。這也許也是戲劇的魅力,把同一個場地轉換成了不同的空間。粗礪的磚墻保 持了建築的原貌,也凸顯著布什劇場的戲劇風格。




Theatre Menu is another worth-mentioning feature of Bush Theatre. When no plays are scheduled, the theatre is nothing
but an ordinary coffee shop that opens business every morning, not so much different from the usual coffee shops. However, the distinction arises just before the show starts every night. Theatre Menu is curated in accordance with each specific show. If there
is a new play every month, then the menu also changes every month. For instance, if the current play portrays the story of London Pakistani Muslims, the menu will include typical Pakistani dishes such as naan and different flavors of curries. The design
of the Bush Menu is also interesting. The pages are marked not
in numbers, but in terms of ACT ONE for the dish menu and ACT TWO for the wine list and so on, a humorous way to emphasize its theatrical features.

另外值得一提的是布什最新推出的“劇場菜單”。平時不演戲的時候,布什 劇場就是一個普通的咖啡館,從每天早上開始經營。和一般的咖啡館區 別不大。但是到了晚上開演之前就有了不同。布什推出了一種配合每次演 出的“劇場菜單”。如果每個月上一個新戲,這個菜單也每個月換一次。比 如這個月的演出是有關倫敦巴基斯坦裔穆斯林的故事,菜單就是很典型 的巴基斯坦菜肴,各式咖喱,饢等等。布什的菜單設計得也非常有趣,“第 一幕”就是“翻頁看菜單”,“第二幕”就是“看酒單”,十分幽默地強調著自己 的戲劇特色。

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