Contemporary Circus Education

ART.ZIP: Would you name some important companies and productions from the contemporary circus sector?

JE: There have been a lot of important companies and shows through the years, so I’ll just name a few artists that I like… In the UK, Gandini Juggling have been around for more than twenty years and they’re a really inventive group; they work with juggling, but their interests stretch in a lot of different directions and they’ve made shows inspired by visual art, haute couture fashion, Pina Bausch, ballet, and many other things. I think they’re planning to tour their show Smashed in China. There’s a French director called Aurélien Bory who I like a lot. He makes work that isn’t necessarily recognisable as circus, but he works with acrobats and is a juggler himself. One of his most famous shows is Sans Objet, which is a piece for two acrobats and one industrial robot – so on stage you have this huge machine that used to build cars on an assembly line. And then because I saw their show recently I’ll mention Sanja Kosonen and Elice Abonce Muhonen, two Finnish artists who decided to train hair hanging (an old traditional circus discipline) and then to make a full-length performance playing with how the audience responds to this quite gruesome sight of someone being suspended from their hair…

ART.ZIP: 可以為我們介紹一些重要的當代馬戲團或作品嗎?

JE: 這幾年有很多重要的馬戲團和表演,我只能列舉一些我個人喜歡的。英國的甘迪尼雜技團(Grandini Juggling)是在業界活躍了超過20年的團隊,他們善於發明新玩法,他們不只是單純的雜耍,他們的表演結合了不同的藝術形態,視覺藝術、高級時裝訂製、現代舞專家皮娜·鮑許(Pina Bausch)、芭蕾等等,最近他們計劃把他們其中一個表演“搞砸了(Smashed)”帶到中國進行巡演。我還很喜歡法國導演歐瑞利安·博瑞(Aurélien Bory),他廣為人知的作品不全都是馬戲,但是他自己本身就是一名雜技演員。他其中一個最有名的作品叫做“不適用(Sans Objet)”,由兩名雜技演員和一個工業機器人共同演出,在舞台上你可以看到這個曾在流水生產線上用於製造汽車的巨型機器在舞動。最後是最近我看的表演,兩個芬蘭藝術家珊吒·可頌恩(Sanja Kosonen)和愛麗絲·阿本斯·穆霍寧(Elice Abonce Muhonen)正在為頭髮吊掛表演(是傳統馬戲表演的一種)進行訓練和演出,屆時觀眾對這令人毛骨悚然的詭異演出的反應將會十分有趣。


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