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A: Would you like to refer any specific programmes that deliver the notion of the space?

V: I would hope that the whole project all together gives an idea of our ethics. But should I name one programme, I would possibly choose the Curators’ Series, a series of exhibitions that we commission international curators. So far we have had six international curators: we started with Cylena Simonds, a North

American curator, then we invited Raimundas Malasauskas, a Lithuanian curator, who recently worked as one of the curators for Documenta, followed by Mihnea Mircan, a Romanian curator, who is now the director of Extra City, a contemporary art centre in Antwerp. Then Mathieu Copeland, who is an English curator based in London and Paris, who is now the guest curator at the Jeu de Paume in Paris. The next curators were a collective: Christ Sharp and Simone Menegoi, an American curator and an Italian curator. This year, we will work with Pablo Leon de la Barra, a Mexican curator based in London. So through this series, we try to show different curatorial methodologies , we want to articulate an exhibition as not necessarily a number of objects in the room, on the floor and on the wall, but as something else. In this series, I am trying to show different styles, different intellectual understandings of the world and of contemporary art. I think it is very important DRAF doesn’t become a tomb, or a monument, a monument of glory to the collector, David Roberts, or the glory of the director, myself. We can be alive by inviting many people to produce things together and try to learn, constantly learn. With Pablo Leon de la Barra for instance, we will research the Latin American scene in London in the 60s and 70s. Maybe another program I could speak about is called “the Study” in which we isolate an artwork in a gallery. And we study it, from its materials to its concept. I am really keen on this series. It is an in-depth understanding of what is an artwork.


V:我希望這裡所有的項目能整體呈現我們的創想。但如果要點名某個項目,我應該會選擇“Curators’ Series 策展人系列 這個項目,是我們委托國際策展人舉辦的一系列展覽。到目前為止,我們已與六位國際策展人合作。我們首先邀請的是北美策展人塞琳那·西蒙斯(Cylena Simonds),接著是文獻展(Documenta)策展人之一的、來自立陶宛的雷蒙達斯·馬拉索斯卡斯(Raimundas Malasauskas),然後是來自羅馬尼亞,現任安特衛普當代藝術中心館長的米尼爾·莫卡( Mihnea Mircan )。還有駐倫敦和巴黎的英國策展人馬西歐·寇佩蘭德(Mathieu Copeland),現任巴黎國立網球場現代美術館( Jeu de Paume )的客席策展人,以及分別來自美國和意大利的策展雙星克利斯特·夏普( Christ Sharp )和西蒙·蒙那高(Simone Menegoi)。今年,我們將與來自巴西、現駐倫敦的策展人帕巴羅·里昂···巴拉( Pablo Leon de la Barra)合作。通過這一系列的合作,我們嘗試呈現出不同的策展方法論,希望闡明一個展覽不是作為一個空間裡、地面上和墻壁上的一些物品展示,而作為別的事物而展示。在這個系列項目裡,我嘗試為觀者展現他人對世界和當代藝術不同的領悟。最重要的一點是,我希望DRAF 不會成為一個陵墓,或一座紀念收藏家大衛·羅伯斯(David Roberts)的榮耀豐碑,也不是我本人的豐碑。我們會邀請不同的人合作來進行創作,並嘗試去學習,不斷地吸收新知識來使自己變得有活力。譬如與帕巴羅·里昂···巴拉的合作,我們將會研究60年代和70年代倫敦的拉美文化景象。

另外一個項目學習(the Study得一提。我們將一個藝術品單獨置於畫廊裡,然後對它進行學習研究,從材質上到觀念上的研究。我非常熱衷於這個系列的研究,這是一種深入了解什麼是藝術品的學習。


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