The chart below, information collected by England Arts Committee in 2004, shows the exact statistics of space provided by art related organizations for different types of art. (Chart 2)



The following chart illustrates the maximum and minimum rents for London artist studios in each area. (Chart 3)


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The average rent for artist studio in London is £9.72 per square foot per year, and that for those across the UK is £6.43 per square foot per year, which is for instance equivalent to rent a 30-square-meter studio for around £250 (2,600 RMB) per month. Although the rental price differs hugely from different areas and conditions, the average rate of £ 9.72 is regarded as the benchmark for London artist studios, compared to the cost of £7.54 in 2004, up nearly 30%. Some landlords and house owners also increase the rent, because most artists can apply for tax cut welfare from the British government.

在倫敦的藝術家工作室平均租金為 9.72英鎊每年每平方英尺,全英國藝術家工作室的平均租金為6.43英鎊每年每平方英尺,舉例來說,就相當於一間30平米的工作室每個月的租金在250英鎊(2600人民幣)左右。雖然不同區域不同條件的工作室租金價格差別很大,但平均值9.72英鎊可以視為倫敦藝術家工作室的費用平均基準比2004年的7.54英鎊上漲了近30%,有些房東和房屋持有者也會提高藝術家的租金費用,因為大多數的藝術家都可以向英國政府申請獲得減稅的福利。

Each day artists from around the world come to establish their art practices in London. Based on their own creative styles, the artists’ choices for studios are different. Fine art and installation artists choose east London with strong artistic atmosphere, while digital and film artists prefer the lively and modern London city centre.



11% 工作室條件為“差”

£9.72 倫敦藝術家工作室每年每平方英尺價格

4500 至少這麼多人在申請列表上等候

80% 的藝術家是租的工作室


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