ART.ZIP: I think if you didn’t do photography, you don’t get to go into the Tower of London etc.

GO: Exactly. You just see and do things extraordinary at the same time. I’ve been very lucky. I’ve been taken to see incredible things as a photographer I still feel privileged about. It just enables you to see that side of the country from a really different point of view. It could be somewhere you’ve been on holiday to before. But when you see it from
a person’s working point of view, it’s a very different place.

ART.ZIP:如果不是因為攝影,你也不會有機會去 倫敦塔里面拍照吧?

GO: 沒錯。有幸的是攝影工作讓我開闊了視野,豐 富了閱歷。這份工作讓我大開眼界,我認為自己是 很幸運的,能夠從不同的角度去了解一個國家。 如果曾去過那裡旅遊,作為攝影師故地重遊,就 會有它截然不同的一面。


ART.ZIP: Do you think that influenced your work?

GO: That’s difficult to say. For me, because the kind of work I do, I can’t say it has. But in saying that, when you go to a place like the States, I’m always among the American photographers. When I am out and about in the States, I’m always trying to take photographs of things I think are very iconic about America. When I got a little bit of time to take some snaps or whatever. Perhaps yes, but on a day-to-day basis, no.

We did a big James Bond poster board, which is a photograph collection of all James Bond posters. There’s a big warehouse in North London, they’ve got the biggest collection of James Bond posters in the world. And from then on we are planning to do another book, which is all the kind of original props from James Bond movies. So we went down over to Watford where they store the James Bond cars. And they opened up the garage and behold was the original Rolls- Royce Phantom from Goldfinger. And they took it out, we were like, “wow, this is all so exciting to see this” and asked is there any chance to take it out. They said, “oh yes.” So we all got into the Rolls-Royce and drove it around. And that was just amazing and after that there was the DBS in Casino Royale, “would you take for a spin in that?” “ok, we’ll go for a spin in that one.” It was just absolutely fantastic for somebody likes James Bond. It was a great experience. I loved it. I suppose, one of the many experiences in a lifetime. Really enjoyed it.


GO: 這很難講。由於我工作性質的原因,我不確定 這些經歷是否影響了我的工作。每次去類似美國 這樣的國家,我都要與當地攝影師合作。但一有空暇時間,我會拍幾張最有代表性的照片。也許你 說的對,但這不會影響到我日常工作安排。

我們曾做過一個007電影海報的圖片展,在倫敦 北部的一個倉庫裡,那裡有全世界最大最全的 007電影海報收藏。從那之後,我們開始計劃為 一本關於007電影道具的書進行拍攝。我們去了 007電影邦德座駕的儲藏地點沃爾福德。車庫門 一開,展現在我們眼前的就是那部出自007《金 手指》的原版勞斯萊斯幻影。工作人員把車開出 來,我們當時很興奮,就問能不能試駕,他們同意 了。於是我們開著那部勞斯萊斯兜了一圈,實在太 不可思議了。看到《皇家賭場》中那部阿斯頓馬 丁DBS時,他們問:“要不要也試試這部?”我們當 然願意,然後又試駕了那部DBS。對於007影迷來 說,真的是難忘的經歷,我很開心,應該說那是 我人生中最難忘的經歷之一吧。



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