Interview with Lesley Punton

ART.ZIP: What is the size of a year group here at GSA?

LP: We have roughly about 104 at the moment across four years, and that includes two MA students as well. So it’s about 25 students on average every year.

One of the advantages of the Glasgow School of Art is, as a small institution that you can connect with other departments and you can also have a real sense that people are like a family. It does means it is difficult to get in, because it only 25 places. It is quite competitive.

ART.ZIP: 格拉斯哥藝術學院攝影專業一個年級大概有多少學生?

LP: 我們攝影系目前大約有104位學生,包括兩個碩士專業的學生。因此每個年級組大約有25名學生。



ART.ZIP: Glasgow is a vibrant city with a legendary art and music scene over the last century. What can the city bring to the students studying here?

LP: Glasgow is an amazing city for art. Glasgow doesn’t look to London for recognition. Glasgow sees itself as one of the centres, there are numerous Turner Prize winners that comes from the Glasgow School of Art in proportion to its scale.

There is the chance to get your work seen – there are loads of buildings that are potentially usable as galleries spaces. There are lots of D.I.Y which goes on and it’s less easy to do that in London. Rents are getting very high but students here can get quite a lot of spaces for free and it is cheaper as well.

Glasgow is an edgy city. It’s a bit rough. It is a bit raw. It is not as gentle as Edinburgh, which is a very beautiful city. Glasgow has got dilemmas but it has a dynamic that Edinburgh doesn’t have. Edinburgh maybe has a festival but that is held once a year when students are usually are not here.

ART.ZIP: 無庸置疑,格拉斯哥是一座充滿活力的藝術和音樂之城,這座城市能為學生帶來哪些福利呢?

LP: 格拉斯哥是一座了不起的藝術之城。格拉斯哥不需要向倫敦看齊,它將自己視為藝術中心之一,看看格拉斯哥這麽一間藝術學院都出了那麽多特納獎的獲得者。




ART.ZIP: Do many of your students apply for the Edinburgh Fringe or Art Festival?

LP: We don’t see many people doing that because it is more theatre than visual art. But Edinburgh is a very good place that has loads of galleries there is rivalry between the two cities, but it only 49 minutes away by train.

ART.ZIP: 有很多學生會申請參加每年的愛丁堡藝穗節(Edinburgh Festival Fringe)或愛丁堡藝術節(Edinburg Art Festival)嗎?

LP: 我們並沒有發現有很多人申請,或許是因為藝穗節更偏向戲劇表演而不是視覺藝術。愛丁堡是一座很不錯的城市,她擁有很多畫廊,兩座城市之間也在相互競爭,不過互相僅相隔49分鐘的火車車程。

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