Interview with Neil Mulholland

ART.ZIP: What is your suggestion to students who want to study photography at Edinburgh College of Art?

NM: We do have a lot of people apply who seem to think they can come to the MA course to learn photography. I suppose ‘taught’ in the UK means you go to acquire a ‘Master of Skills’. I think it is just a different comprehension of what taught means. We are a postgraduate degree structure that has courses, assignments and certain assessment criteria which is different from a completely open-ended research degree. I think the first thing is to understand is the difference between these two approaches, and to understand that taught is probably not what you think it means.

I think what they need to do is come with a practice that is robust, and they want to develop and be really open-minded about completely taking it apart – almost starting it again. They need to be prepared to deconstruct what they do, to be open to work of others and also be open to constructive critique.

ART.ZIP: 您對那些打算申請愛丁堡藝術學院攝影學院的學生有哪些建議?
NM: 我們的確接受到很多碩士課程的申請。我猜想在英國學習碩士課程意味著你將會獲得碩士級別的技能。我覺得這是大家對教育意義的不同理解罷了。愛丁堡藝術學院的攝影專業將設置有不同課程、作業和若幹評估標準的研究生學位結構同一個完全開放式的研究學位區分開來。我認為學生首先應該理解的便是這兩者之間的區別,並懂得這裡所謂的教育或許並不是你所想的那樣。



About Neil Mulholland:

Professor Neil Mulholland is Director of the Postgraduate Programme in Contemporary Art Practice, Theory, Painting, Sculpture and Photography at the School of Art. He is currently associate Head School of Art at Edinburgh College of Art.


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