Interview with Professor David Bate

About David Bate:

11111David Bate is a photographic artist and writer. He studied at Portsmouth College of Art before going on to do the famous BA Honours Film and Photographic Arts course at the Polytechnic of Central London (PCL). After working as a photographer and tutor in London, he took the MA in Social History of Art at the University of Leeds, also completing a PhD there with Griselda Pollock during the 1990s.

David was one of the first UK photographic artists to experiment with digital photography. His work has travelled widely. Most recently he was artist-in-residence in Melbourne, Australia where he shot his new work, about globalisation called Australian Picnic. His writings include the books Photography and Surrealism and Photography: Key Concepts. A founder member of the artist-run gallery Accident, later re-named as Five Years, he also co-curated several shows there. As an influential teacher, he has taught and was the course leader of the famous British Social Documentary Photography programme at Surrey Institute of Art (now University of the Creative Arts) at Farnham. He later moved to the University of Westminster, where he currently leads photography research including doctoral candidates and the MA Photographic Studies programme.

大衛是一位攝影藝術家和作家。他早先就讀於樸茨茅斯藝術學院(Portsmouth College of Art),隨後在倫敦中心理工學院(Polytechnic of Central London)獲得電影和攝影藝術課程的榮譽學士學位。在倫敦作為攝影師和導師之後,大衛又獲得利茲大學(University of Leeds)藝術社會史的碩士學位。他在上世紀九十年代同知名藝術史學者格瑞瑟達·波洛克(Griselda Pollock)一同完成了博士階段的學習。

大衛是英國攝影史上最先嘗試數碼攝影的藝術家之一,他的作品曾在全世界各地展出。他最近完成了澳大利亞墨爾本的藝術家駐場計劃,並完成了一套有關“全球化”的新作——《澳大利亞野餐(Australian Picnic)》。大衛·貝特的著作有《攝影與超現實主義(Photography and Surrealism)》及《攝影:核心概念(Photography: Key Concepts)》。是“意外(Accident)”畫廊合夥人和創立者之一,大衛在這裡參與了很多策展活動。而作為一名相當有影響力的老師,大衛曾在著名的薩裡藝術學院(Surrey Institute of Art,現為英國創意藝術大學University of the Creative Arts)教授社會紀實攝影的課程。隨後大衛返回倫敦,在威斯敏斯特大學負責攝影學碩士課程並擔任博士生導師。



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