Graduate Said

ART.ZIP: Did you face any difficulties when you applied for schools?

ZH: It was about appropriateness rather than difficulties. If your portfolios are suitable for the RCA and their courses can enhance your study and abilities, then the mentors will choose you.

ART.ZIP: What advice will you give to Chinese students who want to apply for UK schools?

ZH: Firstly, you have to know exactly what you want before you apply for schools. Then check whether the RCA provides the courses you want or not. When applying, it is more important to show the applicants’ personalities and what they are good at, rather than guessing what the recruiters like.

ART.ZIP: During two years postgraduate study and living in the UK, what was the biggest change?

ZH: There were two major changes. The first was to further my understanding of myself. During these two years, I had a clearer version of what I wanted and also gained more confidence. The second change was my circle of friends. I met a lot of like-minded friends through study or work experiences.

ART.ZIP: 申請英國學校的時候有遇到什麼困難嗎?

ZH: 我覺得與其說難不難申請倒不如說合不合適,如果你的思考方向和作品適合在皇藝學習並且可以通過在皇藝學習和生活得到更大的提高,導師就會選擇你。

ART.ZIP: 你會給想要申請英國學校的中國學生一些什麼建議呢?

ZH: 我覺得在申請之前要清楚自己想要什麽,再看在皇藝是不是你能得到你想要的東西。關於申請我希望申請人可以努力把自己的長處體現出來而不是挖空心思揣摩別人喜歡什麽。

ART.ZIP: 這兩年在皇藝的研究生課程,或者說,這兩年的留英生活給你最大的收獲是什麼?

ZH: 我覺得最大的收獲有兩個,第一點是對自己的深度認識,在這兩年的時間裡,我更清楚自己想要什麽,也更自信。另一個非常重要的收獲就是朋友,學習和工作的經歷讓我結識了很多誌同道合的朋友。

ART.ZIP: Can you roughly describe the teaching style of the RCA tutors or lecturers?

ZH: In RCA study schedules are split between theory and practice depending on the subject – each studio has its own style and preferences. I was in platform 13, which was led by lectures Onkar Kular and Dash Macdonald. Lecturers designed specialised topics based on students’ degrees and background in the first year. Students could explore any concept as they wished – there were no limits. They could then choose a concept they were interested in to develop further as their design project in the second year.

ART.ZIP: It is well known that tuition fees are quite expensive in RCA. Is there any scholarship that can help out talented students that can’t afford the fees?

ZH: It is a shame that there is no scholarship for international students. Students can always work in the bar or library on campus, although the working hours are limited for students and the income isn’t much.

ART.ZIP: 能描述下皇藝的教授與講師們通常的教學模式嗎?

ZH: 皇藝每個系的教學安排都不同,同一個系不同的工作室也有自己的教學傾向和風格,我所在的platform 13是由導師安卡·庫拉(Onkar Kular)和達什·麥克唐納(Dash Macdonald)帶領的,導師會在一年級的時候根據學生的程度和背景設計專門的課題,每個課題又有很大的自由度,所以一年級的學生在很大的程度上是在嘗試盡可能多的方向,所以在二年級的時候才能確定自己的選題並將一年級的實驗發展為深入的設計項目。

ART.ZIP: 衆所周知,皇藝的學費十分昂貴,對於經濟拮據的一些優秀人才,是否在皇藝裡有一些機會可以解決一部份學費問題,例如獎學金或者其他?

ZH: 學校內部是沒有針對國際學生的獎學金的,如果時間和精力允許可以在學校的酒吧或者是圖書館打工,但是工作的時間很有限,收入也很少。