ART.ZIP: So did you do that at the same time as working?

SA: I did. Yes. I did all of my studying, 3 years on the PQE course
- Professional Qualifying Exam at the end of it. When I finished that, I actually taught for several years, I mean that was one thing get me great opportunity to do because there weren’t that many great qualifications in photography then. And the courses in O-Level and A-Level photography were just starting out there weren’t many people teach them so I did that for a while. Then I decided I should take the research further. First of all, I started trying to work with an independent organization actually to do my PhD. And it just didn’t work out with teaching so I registered with the Royal College of Art. And I did an MA there. Also while I was teaching I did all part time and doing some photography at the same time.


SA: 是的。我學習了三年職業資格考試(PQE)課程,之後幾年一直在教書。那是非常難得的機會,因為當時攝影專業的資格認證很少,攝影專 業的O-Level和A-Level考試也是剛起步,教師資源匱乏,所以我也教了 相當一段時間。之後,我決定繼續做研究。我試圖通過跟一家獨資機構 合作來攻讀博士學位,但由於還在教書的原因,最終沒能實現。於是我 就去了皇家藝術學院讀碩士,兼職教書的同時,繼續從事攝影工作。


ART.ZIP: Which course did you do then?

SA: It was called Cultural History, it was an MA in Cultural History. And when I finished that, I went on to do PhD in the department of Humanities. It was studying the interval year, The Formative Years of British advertising photography during the 1920s and 30s. That’s always giving me a nice grounding for my work. I’ve never really felt I could move fully into the academic world. The little bit of teaching that I did was great, but I really soon realized that I didn’t want to be an academic although I have written a number of articles and I’ve done some research, I’ve given lectures on my work but no I really much prefer actually just being briefed before getting on with it.


SA:讀的是文化歷史。之後我又去人文學院讀了博士學位,學習的是20 世紀20-30年代英國廣告攝影的形成期。這為我的工作打下了良好的基 礎。我從來沒想過只做學術研究,雖然我很喜歡教書,也發表過文章、作 調研、開講座,但我很快意識到自己並不想進入學術界,而是更喜歡實際 操作。


ART.ZIP: So do you do any academic work now?

SA: Not at the moment. I think the last lecture I gave actually was at the Courtauld Institute but that was a long time ago. I just find it nerve-racking to give lectures. I’m much happier just doing something quietly.


SA: 沒有了。很久之前在考陶德藝術學院開了次講座。我開講座總是會緊張,還是比較適合安安靜靜做事。

ART.ZIP: I guess your work helped your lecturing as well?

SA: Yes, I have actually given a couple of talks about my work. I think I’ve given a Kodak one. Maybe writing is something I would like to do in another stage but not just now. It’s very time consuming.


SA:是的,甚至有些講座的內容都是關於我工作的,有一 次在柯達就開過類似講座。或許未來我會考慮出書,但目 前還沒有這個想法,太花費時間了。

ART.ZIP: So you prefer photography at the moment.

SA: Yes. I do.



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