Jerwood Foundation


Jerwood Space: Renowned Rehearsal Facilities for Theatre and Dance

Jerwood Space occupies the site of the 1872 Orange Street School, which throughout the following century was used
as various educational institutions. In 1998 it was refurbished
by the Jerwood Foundation with architects Paxton Locher to provide excellent and affordable rehearsal facilities for dance and theatre companies, while the Gallery (once the school’s bike sheds) is now home to Jerwood Visual Arts. The top floors, (lost to bombing in 1940) were restored by architects Munkenbeck & Partners in 2007, providing a magnificent suite of rehearsal studios and meeting rooms.

Opened in 1998 as the first major capital initiative of the Jerwood Foundation, the Jerwood Space is now established as one of the best rehearsal spaces for theatre and dance in the UK. Young dance and theatre companies develop their work at a greatly reduced cost, working alongside established professional companies who pay competitive rates. A beautifully refurbished Victorian school (Paxton Locher Architects) also offers a contemporary art gallery, café and striking glazed courtyard (Satellite Architects); these are all open to the public and available for events.


傑伍德空間: 著名的戲劇和舞蹈排練設施

傑伍德空間的選址在1872年建立的奧蘭治街 學校(Orange Street School),這所學校在 接下來的一個世紀改造為不同的教育機構。在 1998年,它由傑伍德基金會翻新,由建築設計 師帕克斯頓・洛赫爾(Paxton Locher)設計, 為舞蹈和戲劇公司提供了價格合理的的排練場 地,而由學校自行車棚改建的畫廊,現在已經 是傑伍德視覺藝術的基地。在1940年被炸毀 的頂層,由芒肯拜克與伙伴(Munkenbeck & Partners)的建築設計師們在2007年復原,變 成一個宏偉的排練工作室和會議場所。這個項 目仍是全部由傑伍德基金會資助的。

傑伍德空間在1998年開放,作為傑伍德基金 會的第一個資本舉措,現如今已經成為英國戲劇舞蹈排練的最好場地之一。年輕的舞蹈戲劇公司可以在這裡以完善他 們的作品,卻只需支付極大減少了的費用,並且和其他已有的專業公司一 起工作。一所經過精美重裝的維多利亞學校(由帕克斯頓・洛赫爾建築設 計)也提供了一所當代藝術畫廊、咖啡廳和引人注目的庭院(由衛星建築 Satellite Architects設計),這些全部對公眾開放並且可以舉辦各種活動。

E.Royal Court Jerwood New Playwrights, Playwright- Nick Payne, Constellations Featured- Sally Hawkins and Rafe Spall Photo- Simon Annand   E2.Roundhouse- Circus Associate Artists Scheme Collectif and Then… Lost Post, Featured- Francesca Hyde and Lucie N’Duhirahe, Photo- Phil Fisk

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