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Jerwood Charitable Foundation: Support for Artists and Art Organisations

In 1999 it was decided that Jerwood should separate its work
as a funder of large capital projects and its role as a grant
maker. Because of trust law , Jerwood Foundation is based in Liechtenstein, but, as Sturgis noted, ‘for various reasons it was neither possible nor desirable to move the Jerwood Foundation in its entirety from Liechtenstein to the UK. An alternative course, however, it was decided to create a separate sub-body, registered in the UK. So, in 1999 the Jerwood Charitable Foundation was born, obtaining charitable status on 1 April that year. Initially the Charity was supported by an annual grant of some £1.4 million per year from the Foundation.’

The principal role envisaged for the new entity was to run and develop the various revenue grants, awards and scholarships established under the Jerwood name. The capital grants would remain the preserve of the original Jerwood Foundation.

The aim of the Jerwood Charitable Foundation is for the funding they give to allow artists and arts organisations to thrive, and to continue to develop their skills, imagination and creativity with integrity. They initiate projects with outstanding organisations and individuals across the UK. Many professional artists accross a variety of art forms work with them, and they offer project and programmed funding. The Jerwood Charitable Foundation’s support prioritises the development of talented and dedicated individuals at transitional stages of their careers, and is delivered primarily through partnerships with outstanding arts organisations throughout the UK.



眾所週知,因為信託法而非稅務的原因,傑伍德基金會是在列支敦士登 註冊成立的,而且由於多種原因,將基金會整個由列支敦士登移至英國 是不可能也是沒有必要的。然而,另一種做法,就是在英國創建並註冊一 個單獨的子體。所以,在1999年,傑伍德慈善基金會建立了,並於同年的 四月一日獲得了慈善團體的身份。最初傑伍德慈善基金會每年接受傑伍 德基金會約140萬英鎊的撥款支持。

為新實體設想的其主要角色是在傑伍德這個名下運行和發展各種的財政收 入補助、獎勵和獎學金。而建設補助金仍是原有的傑伍德基金會來掌管。

傑伍德慈善基金會的目標是利用他們的資助,可以使藝術家和藝術機構 茁壯成長,使他們的技能延續並發展,使他們的想法和創造力得到完整。他們與英國眾多出色的組織和個人發起了多個 項目。通過他們提供的項目和計劃資金,多種 藝術領域的專業藝術家與他們合作。傑伍德慈 善基金會優先支持才華橫溢和具有奉獻精神的 人,在他們的職業生涯的過渡階段,並與全英 國的優秀的藝術團體建立合作伙伴關係。

E.Rose Wylie Silent Light (film notes), 2008 Courtesy of the artist and UNION Gallery , London, Photo- Public Catalogue Foundation


Capital Projects

The Jerwood Foundation has made a large number of high profile strategic capital grants reflecting its range of interests in the arts and education. Major grants include those for
the Jerwood Theatres at the Royal Court, the Jerwood Vanbrugh Theatre and Jerwood Vanbrugh Rehearsal Space at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, the Jerwood Centre for the Prevention and Treatment of Dance Injuries at Birmingham Royal Ballet and the Jerwood Rehearsal Stage at Glyndebourne Opera.



傑伍德基金會在其關注的藝術和教育領域 做出了大量的高姿態高策略的資本撥款。主 要的資助項目包括在皇家法院的傑伍德劇院 (Jerwood Vanbrugh Theatre),在皇家戲劇 藝術學院的傑伍德范布勒劇院和傑伍德范布勒 排練空間(Jerwood Vanbrugh Theatre),為 伯明翰皇家芭蕾舞團所建的傑伍德舞蹈傷害預 防和治療中心,以及在格林德伯恩歌劇院的傑 伍德排練場地。

E.      E.Jerwood Gallery Photo- Ioana Marinescu      E.Jerwood Gallery Photo- Ioana Marinescu

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