Knowledge Should Be Priceless

ART.ZIP: What is your attitude towards the current education system?

PS: I think rather than waiting for something to happen, do it yourself! Having interesting chats at a coffee or shop, or creating, starting political approaches, taking actions, this does not have to be direct action, they can be an art practice, it can be in any form, I have met a lot of people that have different ways of doing it.

ART.ZIP: Do you think AAC has changed something?

PS: I would say so. It was definitely a moment when I think about it. We realized that a collective could do something, there’s shift and change of when it happened. I remember when the AAC did its first TV interview, and they are asking me how I was going to fund the AAC, I was thinking in my head, it’s an art practice, I don’t know how I’m going to fund the AAC, I have to think of something, so I said if you could tax football transfers by 2.5%, you could pay for everyone in the UK to go to higher education. And at that point, I thought they are going to catch me out, but they accepted it and they put it on the news. No way of backing this fact! And in some way you deal with humour to combat the current context. You play with the current context. To avoid positioning yourself as a victim of the commodity system humour allows a space to use capitalisms tools against itself. And I think digital media and digital platforms are the space to reunite this common ground. I think that’s something which might reach the search for something else, it’s moving and hopefully collectively we can produce a learning space that is open in both its practice and separate from a commodity system quantified by values and outcomes. .



ART.ZIP: 對於當下的整個英國教育體系,你是怎麼看的呢?

PS: 我覺得,與其等待整個系統發生改變,不如去改變它,通過每個人的行動!在商店裡或咖啡館進行有趣的聊天,或者開始一些政治行動、不一定採取直接的行動,可以是藝術實踐,可以是任何形式,我遇到過很多人,他們都用各種方式和途徑來表達和實踐他們的想法。

ART.ZIP: 你覺得AAC的出現對現在的系統有所改變麼?

PS: 我覺得可以這麼說。每當我思考這個問題的時候,我都覺得AAC出現的那一刻是有巨大象徵意義的。我們認識到開放和協作可以成就很多事情,從開始到現在,AAC有了很大的轉變。我記得在AAC第一次接受電視臺採訪的時候,他們問我如何能夠保證AAC運作的資金來源,當時我腦子里想“這是個藝術項目,我不知道怎麼能為AAC籌集資金。”但當時我必須說些什麼,所以我說“如果可以徵收英超球隊每位轉會隊員轉會費用的2.5%作為稅收,那麼就可以讓英國所有人都獲得高等教育了。”當時我覺得這段肯定被切掉了,誰知後來他們不僅沒切還放到了新聞里。很多事情其實就是這麼簡單,赤裸裸的直白!也正是因為這樣,你不得不用幽默的手段來平衡當下的語境,或者說“玩轉現實”。為了不把自己置於一個商品社會中受害者的角色,幽默感是一個用資本主義反對資本主義的偉大武器。我覺得數碼媒體和網絡平臺都具有這樣的共同點,我想它們可能會將研究的重點引入別的方向,不過不管怎樣,這種變化而且希望是我們可以開闢出一片開放的、脫離以功利為價值取向的商品社會系統的實踐空間。



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