A Symbol of Identity – Interview With Fine Art Student Sun Yi
身份認同 – 採訪藝術生孫毅

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ART.ZIP: In terms of your personal learning and creativity, what is the relationship between you and the school studio space?

ART.ZIP: 那對你個人的學習和創作來說,學校的工作室和你之間的關係是怎麼樣的呢?

SY: Personally, the school studio space is not particularly significant to me, because on the one hand, I do relatively smaller artworks, and on the other hand, my creation is not necessarily in need of a particular studio space to engage in. The studios that the school provides for students are merely passive space allocated for students in a temporary period of time. And the school’s activity arrangement such as exhibitions and summer short courses often affects our use of the studio space. Therefore, I don’t really like the studio space that the school has offered. It is only in the case I have a clear work plan and objective that I will go there, otherwise I prefer to go to the library or café for reading, or do paintings at home. The studio for me is just a symbol of identity as an art student hence assigned with a specific space.


ART.ZIP: Do you have any ideal studio space in your mind?

ART.ZIP: 你心目中有沒有一個比較理想化的工作室空間的構想?

SY: It has to come with a large table where I can practice calligraphy and ink painting, since in the past I have been receiving training in these two areas, and they have become an indispensable part of my life. But this does not count into the space of art practice, but for leisure and fun only. Besides, there should be a place for drinking tea, preferably with a small bed where I can lie down whenever feeling tired. Ideally the studio is a factory-like open space with the possibilities of various creativity and experiment, which may be in a cluttered condition, nevertheless, I don’t mind it shows the sign of life in the studio, but the areas for work, relax and living should be accordingly divided.


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