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ART.ZIP Issue 8

ISSUE 8, 線上閱讀|Online Reading

Ever since the invention of photographic technology, in less than 200 years, photography has already become an indispensable part of our lives and work, profoundly altering our lives and perspective of viewing the world. Nowadays, with the advance of technology, photographic equipment can be quite easily accessed, and the marriage of smart phones and digital cameras already achieves the myth of universal camera possession available to everyone. Like many great inventions, when people get used to its companion and indulge in the convenience it brings along, photography of its core essence of charismatic mystery and eccentric----the magic of reconciling the “instant” and “eternal”, the two contradictory concepts, is gradually being forgotten. Since from the day of its appearance that dawns, photography is destined to change the course of visual arts. For over a century, its irreplaceable functionality and breathtaking expression have been leading enormous amount of people to explore and think, and its impact and destruction ...
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ART.ZIP Issue 7

ISSUE 7, 線上閱讀|Online Reading

I was often asked the biggest difference between the Eastern and Western arts. In fact, I could response without hesitation, ‘different logic, different culture’, which I think it is an irresponsible and meaningless answer. So I start to think about the answer in a more pragmatic way. Throughout various parts of Chinese arts and British arts, logical and cultural differences do lead to certain differences between the East and the West. However, among all these differences, I found a particularly interesting part—the operation of arts foundation and the governmental support for arts in the UK. Compared with other arts sections, such as arts education, arts auction, art sales and other areas, China has rapid development in the field of arts market due to the globalization, even many of the regulations have been established with international standards, yet in terms of non-profit arts support is still under development. Therefore in this issue, we will introduce various cultural development organisations and non-profit arts ...
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ART.ZIP Issue 6

ISSUE 6, 線上閱讀|Online Reading

Performance art, as the integrity of various art forms, includes literature, music, dance, performance and fine art. The British contemporary performance art is regarded as a most well-known art kind in the world. In this issue, we have invited Dong Yiran and Wang Jing, two research experts in performance art and its development in both the UK and China, to introduce the various forms of performance art, to let our readers further understand the stories behind performance art. The British performance art has established its very own uniqueness. It has always been exploring and challenging the boundary of performance art by the means of new technology and experimentation of different art forms. Therefore, it has been bringing for viewers tremendous pleasure and surprise. This issue of ART.ZIP not only covers a wide range of performance art forms, such as drama, opera, musical, dance performance and puppetry, it also pays great attention to people involved for the creativity, and the industry development, which are rarely known by ...
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ART.ZIP Issue 5

ISSUE 5, 線上閱讀|Online Reading

As the first bilingual contemporary art magazine dedicated to bringing together the world of art in the UK and China, ART.ZIP creates a space for all from different cultural backgrounds to discuss or provide their interpretations on contemporary art and cultural events. We periodically invite professionals from UK and China to contribute to our magazine. For this September issue, our first special edition, we are pleased to invite two London-based guest editors, Monica Chung, international contemporary art consultant and Dr. Trish Lyons, artist and writer, Head of Research, School of Fine Art, Royal Collage of Art. Having worked on this special edition for almost a year, we are grateful for the care and insight these two professionals have brought to ART.ZIP. Chung and Lyons have carefully selected topics with a Chinese audience in mind, exploring the gaps and cultural issues between the UK and ...
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ART.ZIP Issue 4

ISSUE 4, 線上閱讀|Online Reading

Many of us are fond of seeing large-scale exhibitions by prominent artists in museums. This is indeed an alternative way to have a quick clue about history of art. However, due to the nature of museum, only those established artists are selected to exhibit their artworks in museums. So we may sometimes find the arts in museums too conventional, and get tired of them easily. Where on earth can we find the fresh and thought-provoking arts? I would personally recommend commercial galleries, for these galleries are more willing to scout for as well as present potential and prospective artists that may seem weird and provocative at one glance. It is this quirky new art form that stimulates the art market and encourages any responses. In this issue, we pick some galleries that caught our eyes in Britain and China, all of which have tight relations with Chinese contemporary art. Hopefully the features would help you know more about gallery industry in Britain and China. Enjoy the ...