Wang Yabin: Reflections in Time

Wang’s objectivity as an artist transmits a deep and graceful candour. His paintings pose questions to our perceptions of what is truthful, and do not provide us with simple answers. A worthy title for the painter would be that of a time traveller. He takes in all the things that surround him, and his paintings are manifestations of such journeys. These speak to us through the palette and brush strokes previous masters have entrusted to him. His immortal protagonists and memorialized landscapes capture all that is eternal, casting a pulsating nostalgic aura that penetrates us, whilst nourishing an alternative perception of our own reality through our imagination.




Date of painting: 1818
Songyue Pagoda 523AD
Han Dynasty 206BC-220AD
Tang Dynasty 618 – 907AD
Five Dynasty – Northern Song Dynasty 907-979AD
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Diego Velásquez, ‘Las Meninas’ 1656
註1: 本文所引用的所有原文由本文譯者翻譯,與相關中文出版物的翻譯會有出入。——譯者註
註2: 作品完成於1818年
註3: 嵩嶽寺塔,建於公元523年
註4: 漢代,公元前206年-公元220年
註5: 唐代,公元618年-907年
註6: 五代至北宋,公元907年-979年
註7: 加斯頓·巴赫拉,“The poetics of space”,Beacon Press,p.8
註8: 米歇爾·福柯, ‘Of Other Spaces, Utopia and Heterotopia’ Architecture /Mouvement/ Continuité October, 1984; p.4。英文由傑·米斯考維科(Jay Miskowiec)翻譯
註9: 作品完成於1656年

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