William Kentridge


Main Galleries, Royal Academy of Arts

Saturday 24 September — Sunday 11 December 2022


Enter a new, immersive world by the multi-sensory artist and global creative powerhouse William Kentridge, in the major autumn exhibition.



Over the last decade, solo artist shows at the Royal Academy of Arts have captured the imagination of the public. Always large in scale, ambitious in scope and astonishing in execution, we’ve seen artists including Anselm Kiefer, Ai Weiwei, Anish Kapoor and Antony Gormley take on RA’s Main Galleries. This autumn, it’s the turn of William Kentridge, South Africa’s most celebrated living artist.

Kentridge’s globally acclaimed practice spans across etching, drawing, collage, film and sculpture to tapestry, theatre, opera, dance and music. The Johannesburg-born artist developed his early work during the apartheid regime of the 1980s, and his electrifying large-scale productions and animations have since been shown across the world.

Transforming the Main Galleries, this will be the biggest exhibition of the artist’s work in the UK. Many pieces have never been seen before, and some have been made specifically for the show. Spanning a 40-year career, you will find rooms of 4-metre wide tapestries, his signature charcoal trees and flowers, and the breath-taking three-screen film, Notes Towards a Model Opera. Watch as typewriters turn into trees, a hunted rhino somersaults with a megaphone, and a coffee plunger drills into the depths of a goldmine.

Don’t miss the immersive art experience of the year.



展覽時間:2022年9月24日 — 12月11日


今年皇家藝術學會的秋季大展由致力於多重感官創作、創意影響力至全球範圍的藝術家威廉·肯特里奇(William Kentridge)來帶領觀眾進入一個全新的沈浸式世界。

在過去的十年里,皇家藝術學會的藝術家個展拓展了公眾的想象力。我們已經看到的藝術家包括安塞爾姆·基弗(Anselm Kiefer)、艾未未、阿尼什·卡普爾(Anish Kapoor)和安東尼·葛姆利(Antony Gormley) 在主畫廊展出的作品總是具有龐大的規模、充滿野心的維度以及令人驚嘆的執行力。今年秋天,輪到威廉·肯特里奇了,他是南非最著名的在世藝術家。


這次展覽將是藝術家在英國最大型的展覽,囊括了許多以前從未展示過的作品,還包括了專門為這次展覽制作的新作品。該展覽跨越40年的創作生涯,你會發現房間里掛著4米寬的掛毯,他標志性的木炭樹和花朵,以及令人驚嘆的三屏電影《Notes Towards a Model Opera》,看著打字機變成樹,被獵殺的犀牛拿著擴音器翻筋鬥,咖啡柱塞鉆進金礦深處…


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