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服務內容 | Our Services

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藝術活動策劃與執行 | Event Planning and Execution


Events tailored to your needs under ever-changing market conditions, an exploration of art and culture-based brand identity and business opportunities


藝術品投資和收藏諮詢 | Investment Consultancy


A guide to collection management and care, a one-stop service from analysis and purchases to sales and auction, for institutions and individuals


書籍出版發行和設計製作 | Design & Publication


Publishing services from design, translation and proofreading to distribution and printing


學術交流活動組織策劃 | Academic Exchange


Tailored programmes such as art and culture exchanges and collaboration for academic co-operation and development


藝術教育項目對接 | Educational Programme


Educational programmes for teens and adults, such as summer camps, study tours and other exclusive courses


藝術品代銷 | Sales


A guide to Europe and Mainland China sales agents and after-sales services


藝術家推廣和公關宣傳企劃執行 | Marketing & Communication


An exclusive solution to marketing, providing exhibitions and campaigns to enhance an artist’s influence and reputation

活動策劃 | Executive Events


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