Francis Alÿs: Ricochets
“Even a minor event in the life of a child is an event of that child’s world and thus a world event.” --Gaston Bachelard   When Phillipe Aries wrote ‘Centuries of Childhood: A Social History of Family Life’(1960) it developed a notion
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Tavares Strachan: There is Light Somewhere
18 Jun –⁠ 1 Sep 2024 Hayward Gallery, London They were all assembled there. Not purely a history but an assembly of the dead with a sense of voices being released. Voices from the deep. What the exhibition presents is the possibility
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Euan Uglow: An Art of Enduring Stillness
尤恩·烏格洛: 恆久靜謐的藝術
Euan Uglow might be seen as the finest exemplar of the tradition of Euston Road painting but then this places a limit on how he might be considered twenty-four years after his death. In his later years his somewhat spartan
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Pass Through: Expressionists at Tate Modern
A gallery is designed to pass through as if it might stand in for the imaginary staging of historical passage. They are invariably crowded places, so passage is often interrupted or straited rather than smooth and continuous. If it is
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YOKO ONO: Music of the Mind
15 February – 1 September 2024 Tate Modern, London The exhibition works on the edges of several divides. Firstly, the exhibition might be read as a divide between the counterculture and the mainstream art world, and within this a divide between analytical
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