TEXT BY 撰文 x 武楠 Wu Nan TRANSLATED BY 翻譯 x 黃煥欣 Syndi Huang According to the survey of the British National Federation of Artists Studio Providers (NFASP), till 2010, there are 252 artist studio centres across the UK that are managed by 144 organizations, providing 5450 studios for 7250 artists, with a total area

Small College, Huge Influence

Interview with Professor Naren Barfield, Pro-Rector (Academic) at the Royal College of Art 專訪英國皇家藝術學院學術院長納仁·巴菲爾德教授 . Naren Barfield is an artist. He has held senior academic positions for several years including leading research in two specialist art and design institutions. He is currently Pro-Rector (Academic) at the Royal College of Art, where he leads the academic direction


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