International Ibsen Season

The Barbican presents an International Ibsen Season bringing together three productions from some of the most innovative international theatre directors who have re-interpreted Ibsen’s work as a pertinent mirror for our times. Imbued with contemporary social criticism, his depiction of the ways in which self-interest, self-delusion and social conformity can corrupt both public and domestic life, still resonates today.



The season commences with Thomas Ostermeier’s production of An Enemy of the People for the Schaubühne Berlin. When Dr Stockmann discovers that industrial pollution is contaminating his spa town, he knows the right thing to do. But the inconvenient truth is unwelcome in a community whose survival depends on selling toxic water to tourists. Thomas Ostermeier’s potent adaptation is a mirror for our times set against a world of environmental and financial crises. Studded with contemporary political and musical references, the production builds to an explosive final act in which audiences are invited to join the debate.

本屆戲劇節由導演托瑪斯·歐斯特麥耶的作品揭開序幕。《人民公敵(An Enemy of the People)》中當斯多克曼醫生(Dr. Stockmann)發現工業污染正在破壞整個溫泉小鎮的生態環境,他便開始了拯救家園的行動。但小鎮的居民們卻不願意面對或者是有意迴避水被污染的真相,因為即便水源已經受到污染,但販賣溫泉泉水仍然是他們賴以生存的支柱產業。當面對現實社會的環境問題和金融危機,歐斯特麥耶的戲劇版本是頗具威信力的寫照。同時他在戲劇中融入了當代政治和音樂元素,在演出的結尾則運用了一種具有爆炸性的表現形式——邀請觀眾一同加入辯論。


Ibsen’s early picaresque dramatic poem, Peer Gynt is vividly realised by Irina Brook in an adaptation featuring new music from legendary rock musician, Iggy Pop and original poetry from Pulitzer Prize-winning Sam Shepard. Driven by a timeless hunger for wealth and fame, Peer is a man on a desperate quest for his inner-self. His fantastical journey is wholly updated in this exuberant show, rich in contemporary imagery, live music and original poetry.

《培爾·金特(Peer Gynt)》是以流浪漢為主題的易卜生早期精選詩集,如今導演伊莉娜·布魯克(Irina Brook)將它編寫成生動有趣的戲劇版本,還融入了搖滾音樂人伊基·波普(Iggy Pop)的新曲和普利策獎得主山姆·夏普德(Sam Shepard)的原創詩歌。故事的主線是主人公金特被無止境的貪念所誘惑,他在絕望中尋求自我,他的幻想之旅在活力四射的表演中煥然一新,當代畫面感、現場音樂和原創詩篇讓整場演出驚喜連連。


Young Australian director Simon Stone reimagines Ibsen’s The Wild Duck for the modern stage. Hjalmar lives in a flat with his wife, senile father, visually impaired daughter and a duck. He is reasonably content, until his old friend Gregers returns to town, armed with disturbing revelations that threaten to blow their lives apart. Set within a glass enclosure, the action is accentuated, unfolding in rapid, unpredictable scenes delivered with immediacy and emotive power.

年輕的澳大利亞導演西蒙·斯通(Simon Stone)打造了現代舞台中的《野鴨(The Wild Duck)》,同樣是易卜生的著作之一。故事講述的是夏爾馬(Hjalmar)與妻子、老邁的父親、視障的女兒和一隻鴨子住在一間緊湊的公寓裡,但他對生活感到很滿足,直到老友格瑞格斯(Gregers)的不期而至,他還藏著一個可能令夏爾馬家庭支離破碎的真相。演出場景設置在一個玻璃空間內,肢體語言赤裸裸地呈現在觀眾眼前,快速的、變幻莫測的情景傳遞出故事的即時性和整體情緒。

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展覽場地:Barbican Center 巴比肯藝術中心


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