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David Roberts is a commercial property developer and is considered as one of the UK’s most important art collectors. In 2008, Roberts launched the first part of the David Roberts Arts Foundation to benefit young curators and artists, at 111 Great Titchfield Street in London. He had realized during the construction period that the space would be too small, therefore he acquired a ware house in Camden, which transformed into a gallery space and head quarters for his philanthropic Foundation. AR T.ZIP invites the director Vincent Honoré to give us the idea of the DRAF .

大衛·羅伯茨是一位商業地產開發商,同時也被認為是英國最為重要的藝術收藏家。在2008年,他在倫敦市中心的大蒂奇菲爾德大街建立了大衛·羅伯茨藝術基金會(DRAF ),基金會旨在幫助年輕的策展人和藝術家。後來,在基金會場地建設施工期間,他意識到基金會的畫廊空間太小,因此他將倫敦卡姆登區的一座倉庫改造為新的基金會總部和畫廊。今天我們有幸採訪到了基金會的總監文森特·托納(Vincent Honoré)。


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A: Could you give us a brief introduction of DRAF ?

V: DRAF is a private foundation: a public space with a public mission, but privately funded. Our core aims are education and promoting contemporary art, and we achieve these aims through 3 main activities: collection, production and research. DRAF is a research structure, a resource where curators, critics, scholars, and the audience, all together we try to understand what is contemporary art and what is contemporary culture.

A: 你能簡要介紹一下DRAF 嗎?

V:DRAF 是一個私人基金會:一個由私人資助,但具有公共使命的公共空間。我們的核心目標是教育和推廣當代藝術,主要通過收藏、創作和研究這三種方式來實現。DRAF 的結構是以研究為基礎的,一個讓策展人、評論家、學者和觀眾能共同學習當代藝術和當代文化的場所。


A: How would you distinguish DRAF from other foundations?

V: One of the main features of DRAF is that it promotes curators and reflects on curators’ methods. Another important feature is how we enliven the foundation with various performances, talks and even the exhibitions themselves which sometimes keep changing. We invite the audience to be the co-producers of the exhibitions. As a matter of fact, we don’t speak to a mass, we speak to visitors, we speak to informed individuals, and we speak to actors of the foundation: this is I guess something our visitors enjoy a lot.

A:DRAF 與其他藝術組織有哪些不同之處?

V:最主要的區別在於DRAF 會推廣策展人及其策展方式。另一個重要的特點是我們會策劃各式各樣的表演和講座,甚至展覽也時常變換,從而使基金會變得有聲有色。我們邀請觀者也成為展覽製作人的一部分。事實上,我們面對的不是大眾,而是前來參觀的人,圈人士,以及基金會的行動者。我認為這是我們的觀眾感到樂在其中的原因。

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