A: Which moment would you consider as a significant one?

H: I think I know what I want to do now. I know where I am now, and

I know where I want to be. So I think this is quite ambitious of what I said, but I feel quite clear now is my work, I don’t feel lost. And that’s very important to me. So I just want to demonstrate this, what I’m just saying, I’m just creating new works, and then realize that I was correct or not, but I have the plans and I think they really fit to somewhere.




A: Why do you like portrait?

H: This is a big question. I think portrait is very important to me, because I like the stories and I think you can see in each face. If you look at the portrait, you can find out the character, you can find out if the sitter is struggling. I mean there is so much information about us. If I look at your arms, I could say you have a lovely arm, but I wouldn’t be able to see how you look, how your eyes look like, how your hair looks like, how you smile. And I like all those details about each person, and I think that’s what makes people so unique from each other. So that’s why I am so into portraits. If the art is able to capture these real things from people, from the face, and turning into painting, I think that’s really amazing.




A5.Madrid Airport Acrylic on canvas, 2x80x80 cm 2007-08 Private Collection “sammlung FIEDE”, Aschaffenburg

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