Advertising Managers

Job Description


Advertising managers contribute to and develop advertising campaigns. Tasks typically involve:

  1. Meeting and liaising with clients to discuss product/service to be marketed, defines target group and assesses the suitability of various media;
  2. Working with agency colleagues to devise an advertising campaign that meets the client’s brief and budget, conceive advertising campaign to impart the desired product image in an effective and economical way;
  3. Presenting, alongside agency colleagues (particularly the account manager), the campaign ideas and budget to the client;
  4. Liaising with, and acting as the link between, the client and advertising agency by maintaining regular contact with both, ensuring that communication flows effectively;
  5. Negotiating with clients and agency staff about the details of campaigns;
  6. Presenting creative work to clients for approval or modification;
  7. Handling budgets, managing campaign costs and invoicing clients;
  8. Writing client reports, reviews and revising campaign in light of sales figures, surveys, etc.;
  9. Monitoring the effectiveness of campaigns andUndertaking administration tasks;
  10. Arranging and attending conferences, exhibitions, seminars, etc. to promote the image of a product, service or organization.;
  11. Making ‘pitches’, along with other agency staff, to try to win new business for the agency.
  12. Arranging stays abreast of changes in media, readership or viewing figures and advertising rates;
.Additional abilities: 
Fluent Mandarin and English speaking and writing;
Strong Chinese culture background.
 Location: London
Salary dependent on experience.
Please apply via email to the following email address:


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