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Wang Yabin: Reflections in Time

Text by: Monica Chung 撰文:Monica Chung Image Courtesy of: NUO Gallery 圖片提供:NUO畫廊 . ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.’ “真正的發現之旅不在於新的風景,而在於新的眼睛。” [註1] --Marcel Proust, French novelist (1871 – 1922) ——馬歇爾·普魯斯特(Marcel Proust),法國小說家(1871-1922) . Wang Yabin’s ethereal portrayals of vertiginous landscapes, and everything that travels through such resplendent

From Foundation to Future Artists

An Introduction to Foundation courses in British Art Education 一個關於英國藝術教育基礎課程的簡要介紹 “All of this proceeds from a point where Marx reminds us that the ultimate foundation remains living experience, living production…” (Jacques Derrida and Bernard Stiegler, Spectrographies) Text by: Yiou Peng 撰文:彭憶歐 The research department at Tate Modern has dedicated five years to the on-going project ‘Art School Educated’, focusing on the curriculum,

11 Course Leaders: 20 Questions

11 Course Leaders: 20 Questions – A collection of Interviews with 11 London BA Fine Art Course Leaders 《倫敦藝術課程主任二十問》 Text by: Peng Zuqiang 撰文: 彭祖強 . There seems to be a rather redundant amount of discussion on the future of art education at a higher level. During the age of crisis, one of the most

Drama and Theatre Education

Text by: Fresco Su 撰文:蘇毅 Drama, Art Education and Me 我、戲劇、藝術教育 Drama is something intriguing. The first time I participated in it was at the age of twenty-five, when a friend who was the president of a college drama club invited me to play a part. In spite of my minor role as an amorous


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