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Isaac Julien

Isaac Julien was born in 1960 in London, where he currently lives and works. After graduating from St Martins School of Art in 1984, where he studied painting and fine art film, Isaac Julien founded Sankofa Film and Video Collective (1982–1992), and was a founding member of Normal Films in 1991.   Julien was nominated

The Middle Kingdom

Award winning British artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien discusses making ‘Ten Thousand Waves’ and his experiences in China. Interview by Monica Chung.   撰文:Monica Chung Written by: Monica Chung 翻譯:姜嘯然 Translated by: Shoran Jiang   圖片提供:艾薩克·朱利安 Images by courtesy of:Isaac Julien   ‘…I’ve promised, my little girl To come home when the tree blooms We’ll

Song Dong: Waste Not

撰文:林上童,劉競晨 翻譯:Trish Lyons Written by : Lin Shangtong, Harry Liu Translated by:Trish Lyons 攝影:劉競晨 Photography by:Harry Liu Waste Not was the UK debut solo exhibition by Chinese artist, Song Dong that took place in the Curve in The Barbican Centre, London. The exhibition consisted of a single installation comprising over 10,000 commonplace, domestic items of

Walter Benjamin | Chinese Curios

These are days when no one should rely unduly on his “competence”. Strength lies in improvisation. All the decisive blows are struck left-handed. At the beginning of the long downhill lane that leads to the house of—, whom I visited each evening, is a gate. After she moved, the opening of its archway stood henceforth

Authenticity in Art and Law: A Question of Attribution or Authorization?

撰文:丹尼爾·麥可林 Written by: Daniel McClean 翻譯:于暢 Translated by: Chang Yu 圖片提供:丹尼爾·麥可林 Images by courtesy of:Daniel McClean “‘The attribution of works of art to particular artists is often a matter of great controversy and increasingly difficult as time goes on. If the plaintiff is right in saying that he is entitled, perhaps years after the purchase,


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