Dalí / Duchamp
達利 / 杜尚

Dalí / Duchamp is the first exhibition to present the art of two of the twentieth century’s most famous artists in exclusive dialogue.

Horst: Photographer of Style霍斯特:格调攝影師

作者:Elaine Yu Horst P Host, one of the greatest pioneer fashion photographers of the 20th century, will have a four month exhibition at the Victoria & Albert museum, reviewing his six decades of life behind the lens. The way that Horst chose to stage and present the female body is filled with timeless elegance and

Story of the Jewelry

By Elaine Yu   IIn the heart of Kensington Church Street in London, among various antique and fashion boutiques, stands a jewellery shop. As soon as you enter the ‘home’ of Didier, you will be astonished by the wonderful and splendid designs. Are these art? Jewellery? Sculpture? 在西倫敦的肯辛頓教堂街(Kensington Church Street)上眾多的古董精品與摩登時裝店中間,悄然地陳列著一家首飾店。推門進入Didier 的“家”,馬上會被風格各異、充滿靈氣的陳列品所吸引,這些是藝術品?是首飾?是雕塑? You can almost see


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